Community Rules

I. Guidelines for interacting with each other


Deviance is a peaceful and respectful place


We expect our members to abide by our rules of conduct and content, which in turn are subject to our Terms of Use.

So please read both carefully.

Legal age

To register with Deviance, you must...

To register with Deviance, you must be at least of legal age. If this is not the case, please contact the SMJG, a nationwide organization for young people with BDSM preferences, which will answer all your questions and show you other ways to meet someone.

No sex offenders

Convicted sex offenders or persons who have been convicted of a s...

Convicted sex offenders or persons charged with a sexual offense are not allowed to create a profile on Deviance. If you have discovered such a person, please let us know immediately.

Out no one

Deviance is a safe space for all those who would otherwise n...

Deviance is a safe space for all those who are otherwise unable or unwilling to be open about their inclinations. If you discover someone from your family, friends or work environment, please keep it to yourself. Everyone is free to decide for themselves how much they want to reveal about themselves and whether or not to come out. Most people have good reasons for the latter.

Private matters remain private

What other members say in private conversations...

What other members reveal about themselves in private conversations or what content you exchange is your private matter and may also not be shared. Neither in words, nor in writing, nor in pictures. As long as no one misbehaves, the conversation is between the two of you.

Be nice to each other

You can't agree with everyone, you can't agree with...

You can’t agree with everyone, and you can’t please everyone. Nevertheless, always remain polite. Personal, insulting, aggressive or racist attacks, criminal accusations or slander, bullying and any other kind of disrespectful behavior have no place on Deviance. If your conversation partner violates these rules of conduct, do not hesitate to report him or her to us immediately.

No kink-shaming

The BDSM spectrum is infinite and you will...

The BDSM spectrum is infinite and you will encounter the most diverse preferences. Even those that you can’t understand. But what someone likes and dislikes is highly subjective. Be open-minded and unbiased towards the other person and think about how you would feel if you were affected by kink-shaming.

Own content only

Only upload images and texts to which you have the right...

Only upload images and texts for which you have the rights. Either because you took or wrote them yourself, you can be seen in them or you have the express permission of the rights holder. Violations of personality rights and copyright will result in the deletion of at least the content.

No fake profiles

You don't increase your chances by...

You don’t increase your chances by creating several profiles or pretending to be someone else. Quite the opposite: duplicate registrations will be deleted immediately and nobody has ever understood fake profiles.

No cash offers

Be aware that you are aware of the offense of haras...

Be aware that if you offer money to another private person for sexual acts, you are guilty of the offense of insulting them. We therefore ask Findoms and their fans to switch to other communication channels sooner rather than later.

II. Guidelines for image and text content

No minors and no animals

Neither photos nor texts may contain chil...

Children, minors and animals must not appear in photos or texts. To avoid misunderstandings, not even in supposedly harmless contexts such as family photos or pictures of the last time we went for a walk. This also applies to fictions, allusions, symbolic language, emojis, graphics and motifs that refer to children, minors or animals. If abuse of minors or animals in any way becomes the subject of a private conversation, please report this person immediately.

A peaceful place for kinks

Discriminatory, racist, homophobic, trans...

Disrespectful, discriminatory, racist, homophobic, transphobic and ableist statements, insinuations or motives have no place on Deviance.

No nudes or genitals

Nude images, as well as images of sexual intercu...

Nude pictures and pictures of genitals in profiles are sexual harassment and will therefore be removed. Such images, which are sent unsolicited in private conversations, constitute the offense of unauthorized distribution of pornographic material and can even be reported to the police.

No depiction or description of explicit actions in the profile

Because that is also...

Because that is also sexual harassment. Even if the people depicted are dressed or it is an erotic story in text form in your eyes. We take a similarly strict view of this as we do of nude images.

No motives of violence or extreme practices

Presentation, description and also just...

The depiction, description and even the mere suggestion of violence and extreme practices is strictly prohibited. This includes death, mutilation, rape (including acted a.k.a. rape play), excrement, incest, blood, wounds and more.

No power to drugs

The promotion of drugs, narcotics or oth...

The promotion of drugs, narcotics or illegal substances of any kind in an overt or covert manner is strictly prohibited. This also applies to fictions, allusions, symbolic language, emojis, graphics and motifs that refer to drugs, intoxicants or other illegal substances.

No contact details or other online profiles

In order to protect our members, we allo...

In order to protect our members, we do not allow the public viewing of contact data such as address, telephone number, e-mail addresses, user profiles in social networks and messengers on Deviance.

No advertising, promotion, calls

Our users are here to help each ot...

Our users are here to make human contacts. Therefore, we do not tolerate any kind of advertising, promotion or solicitation. Neither for the sale of goods and services, nor for the promotion of events, other websites/apps, appeals for donations, demonstrations, missing persons ads, chain letters, recruiting or similar. This also applies to off-topic advertising. If you would like to advertise on Deviance, please contact us at [email protected]. Together and transparently, we will find a way.

III. Reporting violations

We do everything we can to make Deviance a safe, peaceful and respectful place. If you encounter any violations of our Terms of Use or Community Rules, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. Either via the report form on the platform or by email to [email protected].

Please note that processing may take some time.

IV. Questions, suggestions, wishes?

Would you like to give us feedback, have suggestions, questions or a technical problem? Then get in touch with us using the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.