Testicle pillory – A modern torture toy

Author: Ginger San
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What exactly is a testicle pillory?

A testicle pillory, also called a “humbler,” is a two-part, curved arch. These are mostly made of wood. Both parts can be screwed together and thereby clamp the testicles. This is possible in different intensities. Everything is possible, from the light presentation of the testicles to fixing the partner to painful pressure.

What do you do with a testicle pillory?

The scrotum is placed in the lower part of the pillory. The curves of the testicle pillory are placed on the back of the thighs of the person who is often kneeling. The upper pillory part is then put on and screwed to the lower part. If the person in the pillory does not hold still or even wants to stand up, the testicles are pulled backwards. The more movement, the more painful. Therefore, a testicle pillory, like some other types of games, is often referred to as “bondage without a rope”. In addition to fixation, a testicle pillory is also ideal for preparing CBT games, as it fixes and presents the testicles.

What should you pay attention to when using it?

Most testicular pillories cannot be placed so tightly that permanent damage can be caused. Nevertheless, always pay attention to the color and temperature of the testicles to check blood circulation. The person in the pillory should also be able to use a safe word if the feeling becomes unbearable. When putting it on, you should be careful not to pinch the sensitive skin of the testicles. If the screws can be tightened very tightly, you should have a tool ready with which you can loosen the humbler more quickly or easily if in doubt. It’s best for the person playing at the bottom to first carefully try out what kind of feeling each movement triggers before they are brought into the position desired by the top.

What do I need to consider when buying?

Processing is important. The testicle pillory should be made of well-treated wood. It must not have any sharp edges or even splinters. The screws should be easy to guide, for example have wing nuts so that they can be loosened easily.

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