Deviance Premium: How does the payment work?

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You’ve probably already seen that Deviance offers premium features as a paid subscription. Here, you’ll find out what exactly these features entail. In this post, you’ll learn how to subscribe, manage your subscription, and, if necessary, cancel it.

1. Choose the package that suits you best

There are three different subscription tiers: one month for Euro 14.99 if you want to try it out, three months for Euro 34.99, and six months for Euro 54.99 to fully utilize Deviance’s new potential.

2. NetDebit and CCBill – our trusted payment partners

If you want to subscribe to a premium membership, you will be redirected to our payment partner NetDebit, or to CCBill for card payments. NetDebit and CCBill act as intermediaries between us and major credit card companies and banks, which often do not want to work directly with companies whose thematic focus is on gambling, sex, and other stigmatized or adult-only topics.

3. Save your customer number

At the moment you subscribe with one of our payment partners, you will receive a customer number and a booking number, or a subscription number. Make sure to remember these details well.

4. Manage your Deviance subscription directly in the web app

You can manage your subscriptions afterward in the menu under your profile picture by clicking on “Account.” You will then be redirected to your chosen payment service provider where you will be asked to enter the data described in point 3. Here, you can cancel your subscription if desired. Links to this are also available in the terms of use.

5. Your subscription renews automatically

Whether it’s one month, three months, or half a year, your subscription renews automatically at the end of the term unless you follow the steps mentioned above. Also, note that the amount of Euro 14.99, Euro 34.99, or Euro 54.99 will be charged in full each time.

Together, we continue to evolve

We hope we could shed some light on things, and we look forward to welcoming you as a premium user. No matter which subscription you choose, each premium membership supports our project, platform development, content creation, and contributes to destigmatizing and educating about BDSM.

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