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Who is a Latex Lover?

As the name suggests, he or she loves latex and everything related to it. This is about a material fetish. Not only latex clothing, but also other rubber objects and toys cause arousal. The latex lover either likes to wear rubber on their body, enjoys seeing their play partner in latex or combines both.

Which roles are similar?

A rubber fetishist can have both dominant and submissive preferences or none at all from the BDSM area. She or he is primarily interested in latex as an object of excitement.

In addition to the Latex Lover, there are also a large number of material or object fetishists in the fetish area. In addition to the latex lover, the most common are lovers of nylon, leather or PVC, for example. But wool, fur, silk and even down fetishes are also known. Ultimately, any material or object can have fetishistic connotations.

Which roles match?

Ideally another Latex Lover. This fetish can be lived out to the fullest together. Mutual understanding and sharing enthusiasm for the material enable intensive sessions full of concentration on the properties of the rubber. Whether BDSM practices or a power exchange also takes place depends on the individual. Since theoretically almost every role can wear latex, it is quite possible for latex lovers to combine preferences.

How do I know if I’m a Latex Lover?

Sexual arousal when feeling, wearing or smelling latex is a sign. Maybe the skin-tight fit of your latex clothing stimulates you. Maybe you’re particularly attracted to the smooth, shiny material and want to experience it with all your senses.

Most of the time, however, the preference is expressed before the first contact with latex clothing. For example, if you find it arousing to touch, smell, or taste everyday objects made of rubber.

As a Latex Lover it is important that…

…you live out your fetish in a safe and appropriate setting. At home, at a fetish party or at a scene meeting no one will look at you strangely in rubber. Of course, a sexual preference is nothing to hide. But you shouldn’t force it on others either. Because even if you would like to wear your rubber every day, there are areas of society in which you are more likely to unsettle others by appearing in latex.

It is also important to check that there is no allergy to the shiny material or dressing aids such as silicone oil. Latex also makes you sweat a lot. So make sure to drink enough before, during and after wearing it and to wash and care for your latex clothing and yourself thoroughly after taking it off.

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