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There’s one thing you shouldn’t do when putting on latex clothing: Haste.

The more unusual the latex clothing is, or the more skin it covers, the longer it takes to put it on. Although the material is very stretchy, there are limits here too.

Latex pants and stockings should only be pulled up piece by piece and, if necessary, powder or silicone oil should be used to improve the gliding properties. Even for simple latex garments, you should allow five to 10 minutes per item to get them on completely and without creases.

Dressing aids

Particularly for men, thick chest or leg hair can make putting on (and especially taking off) pants or tops a painful act. The hairs stick to the material and are torn out with it. If you don’t want to live out your masochistic streak, you should reach for the razor.

Baby oil, lubricant, vegetable oil of any kind, Vaseline etc. should not be used as a dressing aid, as this can not only cause unsightly marks on the skin, but also damage the material. Powder/talcum and silicone oil (or products sold as “dressing aids” in specialist shops) are the only sensible aids when dressing (as well as any other helping hand).

Rather a hindrance: underwear

You should avoid wearing underwear under your latex clothing for various reasons. Zippers, bra hooks, buttons/stones and other decorations can damage the material and lead to tears faster than you would like. Furthermore, every item of clothing between the skin and latex will show through on the surface. This may be less noticeable in a dark club, but at the latest when you brush over it (which is supposed to happen) or in backlighting during a shoot, it becomes immediately apparent. The effect of semi-transparent latex clothing in combination with colorful underwear needs no further explanation (see picture).

Of course, briefs or shorts can be worn during fittings if the model feels more comfortable. Especially on catwalks and stages, which are usually a little higher than the area for the audience, you quickly have a clear view of all areas below the waistline. If the model feels uncomfortable, very thin, preferably skin-colored underwear without structure can be used.

Beware of jewelry and sharp objects

Care should also be taken to remove jewelry and avoid contact with sharp fingernails. It would not be the first piece of latex to be dismantled by these human blades. The same applies to fasteners such as straps on shoes, belt buckles and the like.

Further tips

Chlorination of the pieces beforehand can make things even easier. More information on this can be found under the corresponding menu item. Zippers are particularly popular in the photo and video sector. Not always wanted by latex lovers, they help to keep to the time specifications, especially with quick changes of clothing, and are hardly noticeable when correctly attached. With non-chlorinated latex clothing, they can also be attached afterwards.

Put on latex: Safety first!

Once again, attention should be paid to items that permanently or completely cover the airways, such as masks, but also tops, tank tops and others.

If you twist accidentally while putting on such an item, you can quickly find yourself in a situation where you can’t breathe for a short time. If your arms and hands are also tied in a wild knot with the top, it can also become critical.

It should therefore always be possible for two people to put the items on or at least have a helping hand within reach. Even if you want to avoid your mother-in-law noticing at all costs, it is still better to face the ensuing conversation than to choke on your own clothes! If none of this is feasible, you should at least know where the nearest sharp knife is so that you can free yourself.

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