Masochist: Pleasure in pain and the joy of suffering

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What is a Masochist?

A Masochist is a person who derives pleasure or satisfaction from receiving torture, humiliation, oppression or pain from another person. The experience of power and violence can cause more sexual arousal than the performance of sexual acts themselves. In the BDSM context, this happens consensually.

The Masochist is a very physical BDSM type in which the focus is on the physical sensation and less on the psychological component of BDSM. Even if a certain mental attitude has to be present in order to be able to eroticize the pain itself. Means to enable the Masochist to experience this type of excitement include, for example, spanking, bondage, electro or breath play and much more.

What does the term mean?

The term Masochism was first used scientifically in 1886 by the German-Austrian psychiatrist and forensic doctor Richard von Krafft-Ebing. In this work he referred to the writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (1836–1895), who described contractually regulated and theatrically staged pain and submission behavior in relationships in several works. A well-known example is the novella Venus in Fur, which has also been made into a film several times.

Since sadism and masochism are closely linked in the BDSM area, the term “sadomasochism” was also coined. This includes all sexual practices that deviate from the norm and are associated with a combination of pleasure and pain. Previously classified as mental disorders, both sadistic and masochistic tendencies lived in the consensual sense of BDSM have become increasingly accepted since the 1990s and are no longer considered paraphilias as of 2013.

Which roles are similar?

Masochists are usually people who tend to assume the submissive role. Comparable roles can be found in the sub, bottom, little, serf and many other submissive roles. To some degree, torture, humiliation or pain is found to be arousing in almost every submissive role. However, masochists desire these practices with a particular intensity or even as a necessary component in order to obtain satisfaction.

But masochistic people do not necessarily have to be submissive or submissive. For example, there are masochistic Tops who order the submissive to spank them and combine the whole thing with intense humiliation play.

Which roles match with a Masochist?

Of course, a person with sadistic tendencies is made for this. But a Master or Mistress, a strict Daddy or Mommy or even a Brat Tamer can also be suitable partners.

How do I know if I am a Masochist?

The clearest sign is the physical reaction, usually sexual arousal, to receiving pain, overstimulation, humiliation or torture, as well as sexual fantasies from this area.

As a Masochist, it is important that…

…you deal very carefully with your own limits and the dangers of these types of games. Not every part of the body is suitable for being injured. These taboo areas should therefore be discussed in detail with your playing partner. A traffic light system or a scale can help to guide the top or dom:mean to the desired degrees of hardness. The submissive part should show which pain is arousing or perceived as borderline. Both playing partners should be well informed, take safety measures and deal with aftercare in detail.

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