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What characterizes a Little?

In BDSM jargon, a Little is a person who feels like a toddler due to their age or who likes to adopt toddler-like behavior and is looking for a relationship with a parental or caring figure. Literally translated as “small” from English, the origin of the word already indicates the youthful and subordinate role.

In the role of Little, a person can live out the childish part of their personality. How children let off steam varies from person to person. While some people like to play with building blocks or dolls, others disguise their voice and talk clumsily. Still others deliberately act bitchy and naughty and expect to be disciplined. What almost all Littles have in common is that they are sensitive and vulnerable in their role. Protection and security are always important for the little one.

The parallel world in which Littles can experience their younger “self” is called “Littlespace”. This means more of an emotional state than a real space. As is usual in Ageplay, Littles define their age independently in Littlespace. Usually the invented age range is between three and ten years. It is not uncommon for some Littles to decline age-appropriate sexual practices in Littlespace. Outside Littlespace, the Littles actually live an ordinary life at their natural age.

The appeal of Little’s role play lies in the asymmetrical distribution of power between Little and his caregiver. The littles are also fulfilled by the fact that they can finally develop like children and feel safe and secure without any worries.

Which roles are similar?

As a subordinate role, the Little can generally be classified as Sub or Bottom. More specifically and with gender differences, Littles are also called baby boys or baby girls. The role of the Middle is similar to the Little, i.e. a Little in his teens.

Which roles fit this?

Littles need a dominant caregiver from the Top or Dom’s group for their role. Daddy or Mommy are best suited as counterparts for the CGL (Caregiver-Little) game. But a middle person can also slip into the role of big brother or sister and take on responsibility.

How do I know if I’m a Little?

If you’ve always had a childish part of you that you wanted to live out, you might feel comfortable as a Little. The desire to be a child and to place oneself in the protective hands of a responsible authority figure also speaks for the role of the Little.

As a little one it is important that…

…you choose very carefully how you live out your role play. Because in Littlespace you are easily vulnerable and defenseless, which would be easy to exploit. Clear communication of your boundaries with your play partner, such as rejecting sexual practices (“non-sexual little”), is also important.

If your desire to retreat into childhood may be of a traumatic nature, you should first clarify your desire with a psychologist. Ideally, you and your partner have been in a relationship for a long time, know each other inside out and trust each other on all levels. Because it is precisely then that a successful Caregiver Little Play can be a very intimate and emotional experience.


This is an important difference to the so-called Daddy-Kink, a kind of trend from the USA. One of the best-known forms of the caregiver-little game, CGL for short, is the constellation of Daddy Dom and Little Girl, DDLG for short or, to clarify the two statuses of top and bottom, often spelled DD/lg. This type of play has found its way into the mainstream via social media as daddy kink and keeps popping up as a fuzzy term. Sexy role-play, a là older, caring man meets young, vulnerable girl, is thus immediately labeled as daddy kink. These role-playing games may also have their appeal in the vanilla version, but without the element of a clear power imbalance and without a clearly defined framework, they are a rather long way from a real daddy kink.

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