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What exactly are nipple clamps?

Nipple clamps are a specific type of clamp used in BDSM as toys for the nipples. They are attached to the nipple to temporarily restrict or cut off blood flow. There are various types of clamps that differ in handling, material, and pressure. Clothespins are also commonly repurposed for this use. The intensity of sensation varies with the different types, ranging from mild pinching and pulling to stretching, numbness, and intense pain.

Nipple clamps with a chain, with so-called clamps on top.
Nipple clamps with a chain, with so-called clamps on top.

What types are there?

Classic ones are metal clamps resembling clothespins in handling, often with a rubber coating on the contact surface. However, they can also be found without rubber or even with pointed teeth.

Often, a chain connects two clamps, which can be pulled or tugged for increased sensation. Similar to this are Japanese clover clamps, which can be weighted with various additional products.

Also popular are metal clamps with a slider mechanism where the nipple is tweezed between two rods. The pressure increases as the slider moves forward toward the nipple.

So-called metal nipple tweezers can be adjusted as required.
So-called metal nipple tweezers can be adjusted as required.

With screw clamps, the pressure on the nipple varies by adjusting a small wheel.

For a unique stimulation, screw clamps that completely enclose the nipple provide enhanced sensation. These are also adjusted with a wheel and come in various designs.

This is just a small selection of the most popular types. Beyond these, there are also clamps with vibration functions, small bells, or additional electro-stimulation, depending on preferences. Exciting combinations include nipple clamps connected via a chain to a ball gag, clamps for the genital area, or a spreader bar.

The pressure of the nipple clamps can be well adjusted with the small wheel.
The small wheel allows for easy adjustment of the pressure.

Just don’t clamp too tightly – what should I watch out for with nipple clamps?

With nipple clamps, the beautiful pain is caused on the one hand by the numbness and on the other hand by the blood flowing back into the nipple as soon as the clamp is removed. For this reason, the duration of application also plays a major role and should only be increased slowly at the beginning. The pressure of adjustable clamps should also only be increased gradually. If the nipple is clamped for too long and/or too intensively, this can cause injuries and irreparable damage. Therefore, these toys should not only be used with the wearer’s pain limits in mind, but also with a careful awareness of the body’s limits.

Adjustable screw nipple clamps provide unique stimulation.
Adjustable screw nipple clamps provide unique stimulation.

If the nipple starts to turn deep red or even blue, it’s crucial to remove the clamp immediately. If desired, pain from the return of blood flow can be alleviated by gently massaging the area. Physical aftercare can also involve cooling or applying lotion.

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