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What exactly are Clamps and clips?

Clamps and clips of various types are popular toys in BDSM because they can provide both painful torture and pleasure. They come in various forms, from standard household clothespins to the well-known nipple clamps and nipple clamps to magnetic clamps, clamps for piercings or the nasty clover clamps. Their purpose is always the same: to pinch a small area of skin or a specific part of the body to create first a feeling of numbness, then pain of pleasure.

What do you use clamps for?

If the clamps are applied to the submissive part, the submissive part often only feels them slightly. However, this changes when the clamps are removed again after a while. If the blood flows back into the previously clamped part, the pain is often felt significantly more than when it was applied.

If the previously clamped area of skin is then stimulated, for example by massaging, this further stimulates the blood flow back into the tissue. In this way, the feeling of pain and pleasure is also increased. Depending on your constitution and disposition and depending on the mood in the BDSM session, one or the other is perceived more strongly.

What do I have to consider when using it?

Clamps can be attached to the ears, nasal septum, tongue, breasts, nipples, labia, clitoris, penis foreskin, scrotum, the tips of the fingers and toes or the spaces between them. But be careful: Due to your personal level of pain, not every part of the body is suitable for everyone. And: Since skin tension is also important, not every part of the body can be stapled equally well for every person.

Basically, the smaller the contact surface, the more painful the effect of the clamp. The larger the area of skin to be pinched, the further the clip must be able to be opened. So-called clover clamps are particularly nasty. The special thing about them is that the more you pull on it, the more the clamp tightens.

If clamps are hung together with weights in piercings, especially in the nipples, care must be taken that the weight is not too heavy. Otherwise there is a risk of tearing out.

Klassische Nippelklemmen lassen sich nicht nur an Brustwarzen, sondern auch anderen Körperstellen, wie etwa an den Schamlippen anbringen.

What do I have to consider when buying clamps?

For sensitive skin areas and rather sensitive bottoms, there are clamps in which the pressure can be reduced using an adjusting screw. Nipple clamps also fall into this category. Here the pain is reduced or increased by pushing the rubber bands together on the braces.

There are also stainless steel grippers and wound clamps that clamp sensitive skin areas such as nipples tightly. Both are very violent and therefore not suitable for BDSM beginners.

It’s best to first try out with clothes pegs to see whether this type of erotic pain and toy is something for you and then get advice from your trusted BDSM shop depending on the area of use, whether it’s nipples or just fingers.

Parts of this text were first published on, one of Germany’s first online shops for kink, eroticism, and BDSM, and were kindly provided to Deviance.

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