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What exactly is sounding?

Sounding is a sexual practice from BDSM. If you know anything about the world, this might sound like a game of sensory deprivation and music. In fact, there is something completely different behind this term. Because this kink is about stretching the urethra. For this purpose, special toys are carefully pushed into the opening of the bottom’s urethra. The English term “urethral stimulation” or “urethral play” or the somewhat coarser term “cockstuffing” is often used, which roughly translates to “penis filling”. means and is made up of the English slang word “cock” for penis and “stuffing” for “to stuff”.

When sounding, the stimulation is both physical and mental. Some prefer it as foreplay. Other than intense power play between Dom and sub.

For sounding, so-called dilators are used, long thin rods made of steel or silicone that are inserted into the urethra. They come from the medical field and are generally used to expand body openings. Other helpers have now become established in the BDSM scene, such as the sperm stopper or the prince’s scepter. These are designed for the penis.

Why do you do sounding?

The appeal behind it is simple: Even if many people find it painful to read at first glance, sounding brings joy to many people! Some prefer it as foreplay. Other than intense power play between Dom and sub. Basically, a distinction can be made between mental and physical stimulation.

Physical: Extremely intense stimulation. Because in people with penises, instead of just the outside of the penis, the inside is also stimulated when sounding. This unusual and attractive internal stimulation opens up completely new possibilities. If the dilator is inserted particularly deeply, it can even reach the prostate. Stimulating this is comparable to the G-zone in people with vaginas.

Mental: Sounding creates an incredible power imbalance through the shame factor and the mind game it brings with it. An overwhelming feeling of being at the mercy, of exposure, of humiliation. For most people, the thought of having something inserted into the urethra is not an everyday occurrence. This practice can also irritate the bladder. Voluntary or involuntary pee games are also possible with sounding. In addition, in people with penises, ejaculation is inhibited or stopped by the inserted object.

The stimuli for the passive side are diverse and numerous. But even on the active side, the exciting thing about this type of game is the power that is handed over to you by the passive person. After all, the person playing below cedes control of a physical need completely to the active partner. If it involves the penetration of a penis, for many Doms the practice is a special game of humiliation on the sub, since this organ is usually used for penetration itself.

How does sounding work and how do you play with it?

Sounding itself only describes the insertion of an object into the urethra. There are many options here. Medical dilators are the most popular. There are two types: dilators according to Haegar and dilators according to Bakes, which in turn differ in their shape. Haegar dilators are uniformly thick rods, while Bakes dilators are thin, flexible rods that only have a teardrop-shaped thickening at the end. With Haegar dilators, the expansion feels more drastic, but they are also suitable for longer wear. With Bakes dilators you can stimulate more actively and insert and remove them easily

Haegar dilators are uniformly thick rods.

Dilators in different sizes.
Photo: KatKristall

But so-called penis plugs such as sperm stoppers or the prince’s scepter have also become established. They are designed so that they penetrate the urethra and usually get thicker continuously towards the end. They often have a ball at the end or a ring that lies around the glans. The purpose is not only to penetrate the urethra, but also to stop ejaculate.

An improvement to these sex toys are dilators or plugs with vibration or electrostimulation that can be connected to an electrical device, or models that can be pumped up. However, these toys are more suitable for experienced players.

Another variant is to insert a catheter. This type of game is assigned to the clinical area. The tube inserted for this can be used as a dilator. This can then be used, for example, to force urine to be taken or the bladder to be flushed out. Of course, this can also cause pain. This game of absolute power over the ability to urinate is even more intense and creates a strong feeling of being at the mercy.

What do I have to consider when sounding?

Sounding is not a game for beginners. The urethral area is incredibly vulnerable and susceptible to injury and infection. The most important thing is to only use toys that are intended for this purpose. While you always hear about a variety of practices or see in films how all kinds of objects are inserted into urethras, only those that can be boiled and thus completely disinfected are safe. Because hygiene is the most important point.

The biggest risk factors for urethral infections caused by germs and bacteria:

  • * dirty toys
  • * hands
  • * Incorrect lubricant (for sounding use syringes with sterile catheter lubricant, such as Endosgel or Instillagel, instead of commercially available lubricant)
  • * Stretching too quickly can cause tearing and other minor injuries
  • * Toys used may be too pointed or have too sharp edges
  • * Loose objects can be inserted too deeply and slip into the urethra
  • * People with vaginas can develop bladder infections more quickly due to the short urethra
  • * Lack of hygiene

Even when sounding, a conversation must be held beforehand about the consensus and the limits and rules. Because this type of game is very intense for the bottom, physically and mentally. It is therefore particularly important as a top person to respond sensitively and attentively to the other person. In addition, the reactions and needs of the bottom must be closely observed. Inexperienced people should approach the topic very slowly, find out about the right techniques and acquire a certain basic anatomical knowledge. Mentors and workshops can be a good help. And very important: If something goes wrong, be sure to call an ambulance. You can also find further help in an emergency here.

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