The taming of the shrew: Brat Tamer

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What does Brat Tamer actually mean?

Like so many other terms in the BDSM realm, “Brat Tamer” can be taken literally. It’s a challenging role because taming or controlling someone can push one to their own limits.

Hardly any other role in BDSM is as controversial as the role of the Brat. Some are annoyed by the rebelliousness, others love the challenge that these bratty Subs bring with them.

Brat Tamers can deal with this rebelliousness, know when to give their teammates a little more freedom and when to discipline them, and enjoy the strong Subs who only allow themselves to be led by him or her.

Which roles is a Brat Tamer related to?

The perfect counterpart is almost self-explanatory: the Brat. A Brat Tamer like power and control. They like to be challenged by the submissive part and then show that they are still completely master or lady of the situation.

The exciting game between provocation and setting boundaries is appealing to them. Punishing and educating or subjugating their partner is their passion. Predator, Rigger/Rope Top, Daddy or Mommy or Sadists are close relatives of Brat Tamers.

Who matches with a Brat Tamer?

Generally speaking, the Brat Tamer can play all bottoms, but he or she might find very submissive roles, such as Serfs, rather boring. Brats are particularly common in the Sub or Little range. Bratty behavior also looks good on Middles.

As a Brat Tamer, it is important that…

…the dominant person is already established in their role and is not easily upset, otherwise they could easily become overwhelmed with a bratty play partner. Provocation and submission stand in contrast to each other, which can bring an exciting dynamic to the game if both are aware of the boundaries. For inexperienced Doms, a Brat can either be too much of a challenge or a teacher (topping from the bottom).

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