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What is a Sadist?

A Sadist is a person who derives pleasure and satisfaction from torturing, humiliating, oppressing or inflicting pain on a person. The exercise of power and violence can cause more sexual arousal than the performance of sexual acts themselves. In a BDSM context, this happens consensually, within a framework that does not exceed the boundaries of the submissive person. Spanking, bondage, breathplay and much more can be practiced in this context.

What does the term mean?

The term sadism was first used scientifically by a German psychiatrist in 1866 and is named after the Marquis de Sade, whose novels mixed pornographic content with fantasies of violence. The opposite of this, i.e. a person who enjoys or is sexually aroused by being inflicted pain or humiliated, is called a Masochist.

As these two types are closely linked in the BDSM field, the term “sadomasochism” was coined, under which all sexual practices that deviate from the norm and are associated with a combination of pleasure and pain are summarized. Formerly classified as mental disorders, both sadistic and masochistic tendencies that are practiced in the sense of BDSM have no longer been considered pathological since the 1990s.

Which roles are similar?

Comparable roles can be found in the realm of Tops or Doms. Typically, it is the dominant party who torments the submissive partner.

Which roles match with a Sadist?

A Masochist is important for the submissive part of the relationship, as these two roles benefit most from each other. A Sub or Bottom who is willing to suffer with an interest in (pleasure) pain can also be a suitable partner.

How can I tell if I am a Sadist?

The clearest sign is the physical reaction to exercising or fantasizing about inflicting pain, overstimulation, humiliation or torture on someone else. A sadist or a sadist is sexually aroused. You should be dominant and patient, because time is often a valuable instrument of sexual torture.

As a Sadist, it is important that…

… it is important to be very aware of the limits and dangers of these types of play. Not every part of the body is suitable for being violated. The difference between sexual and psychologically questionable or even pathological sadists is simply that in a BDSM context, these boundaries are never consciously crossed and the dominant person does not want to harm the other person.

Extreme forms go as far as bloodplay, whereby it is more important than ever that all scenarios are carried out consensually and as safely as possible. A responsible sadist is very familiar with the toys or tools used. He or she also has knowledge of the anatomy of the human body and takes care not to exceed the limits of what can be endured by the other person.

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