Brat – nightmare or challenge?

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What does brat or bratty actually mean?

Like so many other terms from the BDSM area, the word “Brat” comes from English: The translation of “bratty” means naughty or spoiled. Literally translated, Brat is the name for brat or a spoiled, naughty child.

In the BDSM context, brats are classified as submissive types, but a brat is not a completely submissive person, but rather someone who demands strictness and challenges Dom. Hardly any other role in the BDSM area is as controversial as the role of Brat. Some are annoyed by the insubordination, others love the challenge that these bratty subs bring with them.

Bratty subs, for example, can bite when the Dom kisses them, are a little cheeky and defiant, and their behavior is a bit bratty. They talk back and are not very submissive in other ways. They want to learn from their Dom when to overstep their bounds and what behavior is appropriate. Their language is not humble but defiant.

What roles is the brat related to?

Brats are particularly common in the Sub or Little range. The bratty behavior also suits Middles. Some are generally a bit more rebellious, others only from time to time or in certain situations.

Who fits in?

The perfect counterpart is almost self-explanatory: The “Brat-Tamer” or “brat tamer” in the translation of the word. As a rule, the dominant people should already be stable in their role and not be easily disturbed, otherwise they can easily be overwhelmed with a bratty play partner. And then it’s usually not far to get to Brat-Lover…

As a brat it is important that…

…to master the balancing act between rebellious and submissive. Provocation and submission are in opposition to each other, which can bring an exciting dynamic into the game if both are aware of their limits. For inexperienced Doms, a brat can either represent excessive demands or a teacher (topping from the bottom).

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