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You’ve probably seen them already while swiping, matching, and chatting: There are five icons under each profile suggestion: exclamation mark, cross, star, heart, and lightning bolt. But what do these buttons mean and what happens when you press them? In this post, we’ll briefly explain what they mean and how you can leverage them to your advantage on Deviance.

Exclamation point: Report

The leftmost exclamation mark is used to report a profile that may not be fully compliant. For example, because it clearly shows genitals, severe injuries with blood and open wounds or uses an image to which the person may not have the rights, is obviously fake or something similar. You can find out more about our community guidelines here.

X or Cross: No, thank you!

The X next to the exclamation mark simply means that you don’t like the profile suggestion and are not interested in getting to know this person. Press it and the person will no longer be shown to you.

The star: More than just a simple like

The star in the middle gives you the opportunity to signal to the displayed profile that you have not just simple, but special interest in getting to know this person. This so-called “Superlike” is available only with a premium subscription. You can find more about the premium features here.

The five options under each profile suggestion are Report, Reject, Superlike, Like, and Boost.

Signal your interest with your heart!

Now, onto the fourth button in the row, the heart icon. Clicking on the heart means that you’re interested in getting to know the person behind the displayed profile. If the person also clicked the heart when your profile was suggested to them, a match is created, and you can contact each other through chat. It can be that simple sometimes.

Boost your chances with lightning

With the lightning bolt on the far right, you can boost your profile for the next 48 hours if you have a premium subscription. This means your profile will be prioritized and shown more often to others, increasing your chances of getting a match. You can activate the boost as often as you like as long as your subscription is active.

Get more value out of Deviance with the premium functions!

You don’t have a premium subscription but would like to try out the Boost and Super Like effects? Our premium features start from Euro 14.99 for one month. Still unsure? Don’t worry, we’ve summarized here how the payment process works and what you should pay attention to.

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