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What is a labia spreader?

The labia spreader is also called an intimate spreader. It is an arc-shaped sex toy with three curves, flexible and mostly made of silicone. So that the spreader retains its given shape and still adapts to the anatomy of the vulva and vagina, the core is made of metal. It can be placed on or inserted into the vagina, like a speculum.

What do you use a labia spreader for?

Most labia spreaders work on the following principle: the rounded part of the spreader is inserted into the vagina in a curved state, spreading the labia apart with the antennae. This allows for easier and more intense stimulation of the clitoris and inner labia. Both are also exposed, allowing for the introduction of additional toys such as clamps or vibrators into the play.

The sight of a vulva opened in this way is found by many to be extremely erotic, while the person on whom the spreader is used can experience a feeling of surrender, shame and nakedness. Depending on the bend, targeted pressure can be exerted on the G-spot inside the vagina.

Labia spreaders, like many BDSM instruments, are available in various materials.
Labia spreader made of black silicone.

What do I have to consider when using it?

The flexible metal core allows the spreader to be adjusted to the vagina. The sensors are also flexible. This results in a variety of interesting ways to use the labia spreader.

On the one hand, it can be attached so that the clitoris is freely accessible for all kinds of touching. The active part has both hands free and can therefore pamper you even more intensively. The grooves can also be included for additional stimulation.

As mentioned above, the spreader can be inserted so that the arch stimulates the G-spot within the vagina. It can also be worn with the bow facing outwards so that it encloses the clitoris, the antennae point inwards and the grooves stimulate the mons pubis and clitoris.

The toy can also be worn in everyday life, for example on a walk. Due to the exposed clitoris and the simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot, wearing the labia spreader can be very arousing and lead to surprising climaxes.

As with almost all toys, proper hygiene is important with the labia spreader. Although most models are coated with silicone and are therefore easy to clean, bacteria and germs can easily get stuck in the grooves. Therefore, in addition to cleaning with water and toy cleaner, we also recommend treating with disinfectant.

What do I need to consider when buying?

Luckily, not that much. Although every person is different and therefore the optimal shape of the labia spreader, this toy is designed from the outset so that it can be individually adjusted. Plus, they’re not particularly expensive, so even if you don’t like them, spending them doesn’t hurt that much.

Tip for those who like to experiment: Look out for the models with integrated clips.

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