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What are cuffs?

In the BDSM context, handcuffs are toys for restraining the hands. However, they can also be used to restrain the feet. Classic handcuffs or ankle cuffs have a simple locking mechanism and a connecting element such as a chain, a carabiner or a leather strap. However, there are countless other designs for use in BDSM.

What are hand and ankle cuffs used for and why?

Quite simply: to restrain a person. By applying hand or ankle cuffs, you can restrict a person’s freedom of movement. A person can also be restrained to a piece of furniture or object. Or the hands and feet can be linked together to create an uncomfortable restraining position.

Hand and ankle cuffs are a simple alternative to ropes. This is because no special technique is required to restrain another person quickly and securely. They are also easy to undo and are very versatile thanks to their many variants and accessories. They are also available in so many different materials that even the one or other material fetishist can find what they’re looking for.

What handcuffs and ankle cuffs are available?

On the market, there are countless variations, not only in terms of design and materials, but also in terms of closure type. Among the most popular are…

Leather (or latex) cuffs

They usually work in a similar way to a belt, with one or two metal pins on one side and a row of holes on the other. These restraints are rather soft due to the material and are therefore among the more comfortable. However, they cannot be individually adjusted due to the pre-punched holes. However, they are quick to put on and take off.

Classic ankle cuffs are easy to release.
Classic cuffs for hands and feet with buckle closure.
Leather ankle cuffs are particularly comfortable.
Chains, eyelets, and rivets provide the opportunity for many different bondage variations.

Ratchet cuffs

Cuffs made of fabric or woven material with a metal buckle that can be individually tightened. Inexpensive models are available in nylon with a plastic ratchet. They are also quick to use and remove.

Metal hand and ankle cuffs

On the one hand, there are the classic handcuffs used by the police. These usually have little space between the two cuffs and fit tightly. They are also uncomfortable due to their angular shape. You need a key to open them.

O-shaped steel cuffs are also popular. These are slightly wider and are also available with rounded edges. Many have a small “Ring of O” attached to them. This is another eyelet that can be used to attach additional chains, ropes or carabiners, but for many in BDSM, the Ring of O itself is a symbol of submission.

Steel cuffs close with a magnet, with an inserted bolt or also with a key. The correct size is particularly important here, as it cannot be readjusted.

Velcro cuffs

These inexpensive restraints are also usually made of synthetic fiber. However, they are not of high quality and you can easily free yourself from them.

Silicone cuffs

They are elastic and made from one piece. For once, there is no locking mechanism. They are put on by stretching the material. It is important to ensure good quality here. If the material tears, it can snap back and become (unintentionally) painful.

…and captivating combinations

Spreader bar with hand or ankle cuffs

With a spreader bar, the handcuffs or ankle cuffs are attached to an inflexible bar. This is often a telescopic tube. It can only be extended further by the restrained person, but cannot be retracted again. In combination with ankle cuffs, this allows the person’s legs to be spread.

The bondage cross

This is a device that can be attached under the mattress of a bed. Four strands with a cuff at each end divide from the center of the cross. Once fitted, these are each located at a corner point of the bed. This toy is often offered cheaply and seems to promise great bondage fun. However, it is often of inferior quality. Velcro fasteners that wear out quickly and slipping strands spoil the fun. If you like to tie up often, it’s better to invest in high-quality versions. Or attach a few carabiners to the bed.

Cuffs in combination with a harness

These are not only visually appealing, but also offer additional options for restraint. If metal eyelets and carabiners are combined with the leather harness, there are even more restraint options. A collar is also always a good anchor point to attach handcuffs to and thus put Sub in an uncomfortable position.

What do I need to bear in mind when using hand or ankle cuffs?

The basic rules for dealing with a restrained person naturally apply, such as never leaving this person alone and having safety scissors or the appropriate key to hand. If the person is also gagged, agree on a gesture instead of a safeword, which can also be performed while restrained. For example, dropping an object.

Handcuffs and ankle cuffs should also not be too tight or cut in. Pay attention to the right size and how much padding you prefer when buying. Some materials can chafe the skin if they slip. If this is not a desired effect, the cuffs should not be too loose.

If you have a special preference for hand and ankle cuffs, consider investing in high-quality models. Unfortunately, the rule of thumb applies: the cheaper, the less secure, the higher the wear and tear, and the easier the escape.

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