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What exactly is a monoglove?

A monoglove is a BDSM accessory for physical bondage. A person’s arms are stretched out and fixed behind their back and arranged parallel as far as possible. Essentially, it is a bag that is placed over the arms and hands and reaches just below the crook of the arm.

Once the bag is in place, pull it as tight as possible using straps. It is secured over the shoulder or chest with additional straps so that the tied person cannot free themselves on their own. Most mono gloves are made of leather and metal eyelets, but they are also made of rubber or elastic fabric.

What do you use a monoglove for?

The primary purpose of a monoglove is to limit a person’s mobility and ability to act. Using your arms and hands becomes impossible, as does taking off a monoglove that fits properly. In addition, the whole body stretches. If the arms are pulled back, the posture becomes straighter. This surrender and dependence creates a strong power imbalance.

In this monoglove, two arms are inserted and secured externally with an additional strap.

What do I have to consider when using it?

As with all types of bondage, the tied person must never be left alone and their condition must always be checked. Even if a monoglove can be very comfortable at first, it can constrict or cause numbness. In this case, the “chain bag” must be released immediately and the arms and shoulders relaxed.

What do I need to consider when buying?

Each person has different body proportions and levels of flexibility. Therefore, you should never buy a monoglove off the rack, but always try them on. Preferably in a trusted store. That may sound like a lot of effort, but if the “sack” doesn’t sit properly, it not only spoils the fun of playing, but can sometimes be dangerous.

Parts of this text were first published on, one of Germany’s first online shops for kink, eroticism, and BDSM, and were kindly provided to Deviance.

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