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Every Tuesday, author Margaux Navara introduces a new BDSM toy. There is one thing that almost everyone already has and that doesn’t even cost anything: our hands.

The piece, titled “BDSM Toy Tuesday: Hands”, first appeared on her blog of the same name, Margaux Navara, and was provided to Deviance.

With all the toys in our closets, I almost forgot the obvious ones… Shame on me!

Yes, hands. My husband’s hands in my case. They can be used in so many different ways… You know that handle around your neck? Even without choking, he says so much. No matter whether from the front, the side, from behind, I feel his hand on my neck, I melt, become a female, switch to sub mode. And this handle can be so different. Is it carried out tenderly? Or is it about determining who holds power right at the start of a game? Does he relegate me to my place at his feet, push me against the wall or onto a spanking bench? Does he want to show me that he holds me, that he holds my life or my well-being or my pleasure in his hands? Is he taking away the air I need to breathe in order to distribute it to me in doses as he pleases?

Every nuance expresses something different, evokes something different in me.

How hard is he gripping? Do his fingertips dig into my skin or do they rest gently? Do I feel every bump and furrow on its inner surface or is it already so tight that everything is just hardness?

Similar to a tight grip on my hair. This one can force me to the ground or put his cock particularly deep in my throat, or he can tilt my head back so that he can kiss/bite/lick better. Is he holding me immobile so he can ram himself deeper into me? Or is he pushing me away, directing me where he wants me?

I know I use the term a lot in my books, but that’s just because that’s exactly how I feel: a switch is flipped. I can’t hear the click, but I can feel it.

Hands can do so much. They are bondage when they hold my hands. They are dildo when they penetrate me. They squeeze better than any nipple clamp, sometimes express commands better than words or support them, show desire and horniness and the start of a game, hold me while I cuddle afterwards (others call it aftercare).

Hands are indispensable in every BDSM session. They squeeze and pinch, stroke and strike.

Oh, the beating! Honestly, I like paddles and canes and floggers and crops, but there’s nothing like a good old hand spanking. And how different the blows can be! Hard, tender, brutal.

What we both don’t like, but some people like, is hitting with fists. But the same applies here: try it out and discard it or keep it, depending on your taste.

In addition, the hands go everywhere. Whether on the ass or on the vulva (painful and pleasurable at the same time), whether on the backs or the insides of the thighs (ouch!), whether on the face (careful!) or on the breasts – I don’t think there is one place Hand can’t reach.

Hands as toys? Yes, that’s exactly how you should consider them. They can do much more than you think.

Try it out. Lift your sub’s chin with one finger and look into her eyes. Cups her breasts and squeezes slowly. Skin suddenly on the flank, sometimes with a hollow hand, sometimes with a flat hand. Grabs her wrists and pushes her against the wall. Mmmm. So my head is rattling again…

I’ll continue writing to Hunter’s List. It’s about impact play right now, which is probably why I’m dreaming so much.

Play nicely, a wonderful pastime in these crazy times!

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