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What is a cane?

A cane is a stick made of a wood-like material such as reed, rattan or bamboo. It is used as a walking aid or percussion instrument. Teachers in Europe used canes for corporal punishment well into the 20th century. Today, canes are still used in correctional facilities in some countries, but they are best known for their use in the BDSM area.

With a diameter of 0.5 to 1.0 cm, canes are quite thin and flexible. The length is about 60 to 80 cm. This makes them similar to whips. A special form are cane whips, which consist of several thin sticks and resemble a rod.

What do you use a cane for?

In BDSM, canes are used primarily as part of discipline, for physical punishment or punishment. Blows are particularly popular on the buttocks, back, and soles of the hands and feet. In the BDSM variety “English Education”, the cane is part of the standard equipment used to punish.

As inconspicuous as a cane looks, the pain caused by this striking tool is all the worse. Basically, the thinner the baton, the more biting the pain. Even without great effort, blows with the cane can leave beautiful marks. Sitting can become a torture or a sweet souvenir for days after a spanking session.

With a cane whip, the force of the strike is distributed over a larger area and is therefore less biting.

What do I have to consider when using it?

Canes are particularly popular with lovers of harder BDSM games. Blows with the cane can quickly cause severe, even bloodshot welts or even cause the skin to crack.

Because of the severe pain and the risk of injury, only very experienced users should carry out this type of punishment. And even then, as with all percussion instruments: start moderately and only increase the intensity slowly. Every day is different, every person experiences pain differently.

The cane is a particularly nasty spanking instrument.
A cane with a partially covered handle.

In addition to body parts such as the buttocks, thighs and back, the female breast can also be maltreated with strokes of the cane. With the latter, however, just as with playing on the soles of the hands and feet, it is important to do this with particular measure and purpose and to acquire anatomical knowledge beforehand. Particular caution applies to implants. The joints and kidney areas are always taboo when hitting.

What do I need to consider when buying?

There are basically three types of canes: peeled, unpeeled and covered. Peeled canes are obtained from the core of the rattan cane and have a slightly rough surface. Unfortunately, this makes them somewhat susceptible to dirt. Because they are very flexible, the pain they cause is perceived as particularly biting.

Unpeeled canes have rather smooth skin and are therefore less sensitive to contamination. They are less flexible than peeled sticks and the pain of hitting them is rather dull.

Canes covered with plastic or leather are flexible, easy to clean and less likely to break. But be careful: These should not come into contact with water.

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