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What is impact play all about?

Impact play is a BDSM practice in which one person is hit by another person for the gratification of one or all parties. Usually repeated. Extensive or high-intensity hitting can be assessed as edge play from the RACK range.

The term refers to the meaning of impact as “collision” or “effect,” as there is strong influence on both the body and psyche.

Why do you do impact play?

For the person being beaten, there is a pain of pleasure and even a euphoric flow state, triggered by endorphins and other happiness but also stress hormones such as adrenaline. Executive parts, called top for simplicity, enjoy the feeling of power.

The sensations produced by impact play, often called spanking, depend on the area the impact is focused on as well as the material of the tool. Typically, broad tools such as an open hand, paddle, or flogger produce a dull feeling. Narrow tools such as a stick, riding crop, belt or single-tail whip produce a rather sharp pain.

In general, the Bottom should be relatively relaxed if the Top intends for both of them to enjoy the experience. The intensity should be increased slowly. It is important that the top consciously observes the bottom’s reactions in order to vary the strokes accordingly. For example, if the Bottom suddenly tenses his body after a punch, the intensity or frequency should be reduced.

What should you pay attention to when hitting?

Take care of your mental health

Impact play not only affects the body, but also the psyche. It is not uncommon for someone involved to drop during or after an intense hitting game. This is more common with people who have been beaten, but the person being beaten can also be affected by a psychological crash due to feelings of guilt or shame. It is therefore extremely important to be aware of the different mental levels of your playing partners and to carry out intensive aftercare afterwards.

Some body parts are taboo!

The person striking should also have at least basic anatomical knowledge and know which places can be hit and how hard. For safety reasons, blows should be made to areas of the human body that are well protected by fat or muscle. Absolute taboo are the kidneys, neck, tailbone, hip bones, head and all joints.

The usual targets for flagellation are the buttocks and the two areas of the upper back below the shoulder blades. With caution, the thighs, the back of the calves and the chest can also be targets. The breast is another potential but high-risk target and should only be included with experience.

Basically, with every game of impact there is a risk of leaving marks or damaging the skin. Sometimes bruises do not appear until days later and, depending on the clothing, they could also be visible to third parties.

Be careful with diseases and medications

People with blood or metabolic diseases such as diabetes may not only be more sensitive, but also suffer from longer healing times. Be sure to clarify any illnesses beforehand.

There are also other factors that influence whether and to what extent traces of impact play become visible and how quickly the injuries heal. These include the use of hormone treatments, blood pressure medications, menstruation, iron deficiency and the like. These must also be taken into account and the intensity of the game adjusted if necessary.

Even with all precautionary measures, there remains a residual risk of deeper injuries to organs and tissue. As much fun as Impact Play is, it should still be enjoyed with caution.

Another tip: If you’re particularly creative, you can make your own flogger.

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