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What exactly is a paddle?

A paddle is not just an accessory in a rowing boat, but also a striking tool. The original wooden paddles are flat with a narrow grip side and a wider striking side. Until the 20th century, they were still used in schools outside Europe as an instrument of punishment. Nowadays, we mainly know paddles from the BDSM sector.

What is a paddle used for?

The paddle is perfect for spanking and is a popular toy for impact play alongside the flogger, whip and cane. Due to the comparatively larger contact surface, it is moderately painful. Nevertheless, it can be a step up from spanking by hand as it is usually harder and larger. It all depends on the type of product.

What types are there?

There are now countless types of paddles that are made especially for BDSM. They differ not only in shape, such as round, oval or rectangular, but also in material. They are available in wood, leather, rubber, plastic, with or without a cover and much more. Some have holes to reduce air resistance when hitting and are therefore more painful. Others are also studded with rivets. Leather paddles with an embossed heart, smiley or word such as “slut” or “bitch” leave a corresponding mark on reddened skin.

A cushioned paddle with a diamond pattern.

What do I have to consider when using it?

Paddles are quite easy to use. Make sure you don’t go too far straight away, but increase the intensity slowly. You can find an article about spanking and what you need to bear in mind here.

As with all toys, it is important that you clean and disinfect the spanking instrument after use. This is also essential for spanking tools and prevents the transmission of STI/STD.

What do I need to consider when buying?

You can also do little wrong when buying. Paddles are available in all price ranges, materials and designs, so there is certainly something for everyone. However, if you pay attention to good quality and high-quality workmanship, you will certainly enjoy the toy for longer.

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