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What is a rubber or latex fetish?

Latex is a stretchy, rubber-like material that is made from the milk of the rubber plant (natural rubber) or petroleum. It is colloquially referred to as rubber. Due to its thin, yet impermeable and flexible nature, it has long been used in medicine and other areas of life: For example, as disposable gloves at the doctor’s, condoms or classic balloons. And most importantly: as one of the most common material fetishes, latex or rubber is extremely popular in the fetish scene. But even without a pronounced latex fetish, the shiny material is often encountered as a sex toy or dress code at BDSM parties.

Why do some people have a latex fetish?

Latex clothing is characterized by several attractive characteristics. The mostly skin-tight fit particularly emphasizes our body proportions. If you oil latex, this look is enhanced and reflections are created all over the body. The tight fit itself is also perceived as erotic by many latex lovers. All in all, it is often about visual perfection due to the smooth, shiny surface.

Rubber clothing feels like another skin and is therefore also very interesting to the touch. Some people find touching the thin membrane particularly stimulating. Others like the sound of the latex rubbing against each other. The typical taste or smell of rubber that spreads during play often adds to the excitement. If you wear a complete latex outfit, you can slip into a completely different role. The second skin creates an interesting game of indirect contact and new sensitivity.

Dedicated fetishists prefer thicker, firm latex and heavy masks or also use the material in their surroundings, such as bed sheets, to constantly be in contact with it. Heavy headgear, such as rubber gas masks, is often used in this context. This is often referred to as “rubber” or “heavy rubber.” One aspect here is certainly the dehumanization that arises, especially when the whole body is enveloped in the material.

Gummi twist – between material fetish and visual stimuli

No other material is celebrated in the fetish scene in as many ways as latex. A dominatrix feels particularly elegant and untouchable in it. Or a fetish photographer devotes himself to perfect reflection. Perhaps a rubber doll wants to feel dehumanized by her new second skin. A couple loves to touch each other with rubber gloves. A kinkster stages himself in latex just for a party night. A:e bottom enjoys the tightness and perceives spanking more intensely through the thin rubber skin. This series of examples could be continued endlessly.

Latex clothing is certainly a bit of a challenge at first, especially for beginners. Putting it on, caring for it and storing it all has its pitfalls. The material is also relatively susceptible to tearing and is not compatible with every lubricant, for example. In the worst-case scenario, it can become chafed when worn and rubber toys can quickly become uncomfortable without lube.

Go rubber! What you should consider when buying

Latex is something special, the material is not so easy to work with and the production is complex. For this reason, latex clothing has its price. So it is all the more important to make sure that everything is just right when buying. An absolutely perfect fit is almost only possible through cost-intensive customization. This is worthwhile for a full-body catsuit. But a skirt or shirt can also fit well off the peg.

As a beginner, it is advisable to seek advice in a boutique and try out a simple product first. You should be particularly careful when shopping online. This is because suppliers often advertise with the term “latex”, but with cheap prices, PVC or wetlook material is hidden behind it.

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