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What is a flogger?

Floggers are a subspecies of whips in BDSM. Like paddles or whips, a flogger is mostly used in SM in impact play, but is often also seen as a harmless stroking tool or gentle whip. More precisely, it is a very short whip with a particularly short handle to which several loose straps are attached. The leather versions are the most popular. The many variations share a whistling sound when used, which is produced by the tassels.

What types are there?

Floggers in the narrower sense are usually made of soft straps. The tassels can be made of leather, horsehair, rubber or plastic, but also terry knit. The different materials mean that there are different applications for floggers. While a lot of horsehair with a small impact force tends to cause fine, subtle pain, wide leather straps can cause more intense pleasure pain. The terrycloth versions are particularly interesting, as the straps can be moistened if the intensity is not sufficient when dry.

The handles are also made from a wide variety of materials, ranging from simple leather handles to penis-shaped plastic or anal plugs. However, this rarely makes a difference in terms of design. In a broader sense, the “cat-o-nine tails” and “single-tail whips” also come into the picture, but these are only related to the floggers and are known for a harder style of play.

A simply designed flogger.
Source: Anna Shvets on Pexels

What is a flogger used for?

In most cases, kinksters use a flogger whip as a toy in S&M, for example during spanking. Active whipping, called flagellation, is seen as an essential sexual practice of BDSM and is practiced in various forms. However, as the floggers are relatively harmless in their strength, they are also often used as stroking instruments. The stimulation of erogenous zones with the tassels in a tender way can cause great arousal in the session partners. BDSMers generally incorporate the short whips into their sessions to support their fantasies, as a flogger as an instrument of power can, for example, significantly reinforce a Dom’s authority.

What do I need to bear in mind when using it?

The most important thing when using it is to pay close attention and be consensual. You must always pay attention to your partner, especially if you are in the dominant role. The transition from pleasurable pain to unpleasant pain is usually fluid and can be crossed very quickly. Depending on your preference, you must therefore pay attention to the wishes of your counterpart, adjust the intensity and adhere to set limits in any case. Although serious injuries from a flogger are unlikely in contrast to single tails, crops and canes, the tool should not be underestimated and should never be misused.

What do I need to consider when buying?

When buying a flogger, you should first look at the user reviews, as the quality of floggers, like any toy, can vary greatly. In addition to the right material for the straps, the strap attachment is particularly important. The attachment of the tassels to the handle is often the primary quality feature of this type of whip.

First of all, it is important to have a stable suspension that can withstand strain, but it may also be possible to detach and replace the straps. Although the latter option is usually reserved for the higher-priced versions, it saves money as you can connect different types of straps with one handle.

If you want to hold a flogger to your exact taste for little money, you can also simply make one yourself. For example, guest author Katharina-Sophie has provided a detailed tutorial on how to make a handmade flogger from paracord (parachute rope).

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