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What exactly is an anal plug?

A plug, also called an anal plug or butt plug, is a sex toy that is inserted into the anus. They are available in many different materials and sizes.

They all have one thing in common: the end that is inserted is conical or rounded. The shape then tapers so that the sphincter can take hold here. Towards the end the plug becomes a little wider again. This means the toy stays in place, cannot disappear into the body and can be easily inserted and removed.

What do you use an anal plug for?

A plug is intended for anal penetration. It is often used as additional stimulation for vaginal intercourse, oral intercourse or hand jobs. On the one hand, the plug can excite the wearer, for example by putting pressure on the prostate or vagina. But the additional tightness can also increase pleasure for the person who also penetrates vaginally. Plugs are often used to pre-stretch before anal sex. The muscles relax when worn and the sphincter is stretched. Many people also particularly like the feeling of insertion or removal.

Anal plugs are a popular toy in BDSM.
Plugs in various sizes made of silicone.

What types of anal plugs are there?

More than can be listed here. On the one hand, there are a number of different sizes, depending on preference, body type or desired stretch. Pump plugs, also known as balloon plugs, can be additionally inflated with air after insertion in order to vary the pressure. Tunnel plugs offer the opportunity to introduce additional toys. Or provide particularly deep insights. Vibro plugs stimulate with additional vibration.

There are also combinations, such as the anal anchor. Here the plug is connected to a ball gag or a collar, for example. You usually have to assume a particularly uncomfortable position when wearing it.

The most popular materials for plugs are metal, glass, rubber or silicone. Tail plugs with cute fur tails and elegant versions with glittering stones are just examples of the countless imaginative designs.

An anal plug is inserted into the anus.
Small metal butt plug with shiny stone.

What do I have to consider when using it?

As with so many toys in BDSM, the following applies here: take small steps. If you have little experience with anal play, use a small size for now. It can also make sense to test the plug beforehand, away from (love) play. Also make sure that the “stopper” is not too small and could disappear. Lubricant helps insert the plug easier. You should also approach additional penetration slowly.

To avoid the risk of STIs, cover the plug with a condom. Or use a separate one for each playing partner. Afterwards, cleaning with disinfectant, hot water or a special toy cleaner is essential, depending on the material.

What do I need to consider when buying?

In online and erotic shops you can find plugs in many different designs and price ranges. In addition to the size, make sure that the plug is made of a material that is smooth and easy to clean. In any case, it should be made from one piece and appear stable. Which design you choose is entirely up to your preferences. Browse around a bit and find your favorite!

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