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What is a riding crop?

In BDSM, crops are a subtype of whips. Originally from equestrian sport, they are used in SM in impact play and are a popular tool for punishment. More precisely, a riding crop is a stick, because the core of crops used to be made from sturdy woods such as hazelnut, rattan or willow. Today, fiberglass crops are mainly used as the inside of the rod. The core is usually covered by synthetic fabric and a handle is attached to the lower end.

The handle often has a loop so that you don’t lose the device so easily. The other end often has a loop or a so-called clap. Crops come in very different lengths because they are used for different purposes in equestrian sport. In the BDSM area, most models are between 25 cm and 75 cm long.

A classic crop with a handle, loop and slap.
Source: der_bilstein / iStock

What types are there?

The crops that are used in equestrian sports are only partially suitable for use in the BDSM area. Mentioned here are the jumping crop which consists of a short handle, a moderately flexible rod about 30 cm long and a clap at the end, as well as the dressage crop, which has a long, flexible rod.

You can now also buy many models in relevant fetish and BDSM shops that are very decorative. The pain caused by a crop is short and sharp and is most often described as burning.

What do you use a crop for?

In most cases, kinksters use the crop as a sex toy in the SM area. Active flogging, called flagellation, is seen there as an essential sexual practice of BDSM and is practiced in various forms. The crop is usually intended as an instrument for short punishment in order to correct misbehavior on the part of the submissive partner. In addition, the crop can be seen as an instrument of power, as it can, for example, clearly support a Dom’s authority.

What do I have to consider using a riding crop?

The most important thing when using it is a high level of attention and consent. You always have to pay attention to the other person, especially when you are in the dominant role. Depending on your preference, you have to pay attention to the wishes of your counterpart, adjust the intensity and stick to the limits set in any case. 

To avoid skin injuries caused by a crop, the tissue should already be warmed up, for example by hitting it with your hand or a flogger. A crop is an impact-resistant tool that should not be underestimated and never abused. It is therefore more suitable for kinksters who already have experience with hitting and punishment and want to intensify it.

What should I consider when buying one?

When buying, you should first pay attention to the user rating, as the quality of devices, like any product, can vary greatly. In addition to the right material, the length and the end are particularly important when it comes to crops. The longer the slap applied, the easier the crop is to handle.

Crops come in all sorts of colors, shapes and variations. With all the chic decor, you should first and foremost pay attention to the workmanship so that you can enjoy the tool for a long time. If you search for “crop”, Google, Amazon and Co., funnily enough, spit out far more results for BDSM than for the actual area of application, equestrian sport. Unfortunately, this also includes a lot of cheap goods. Maybe it’s okay to try it out, but for the sake of safety and longevity, you should always invest in a high-quality device from a professional.

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