What is a drop and why does it happen?

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A drop is a mental state…

…which occurs when someone cannot emotionally cope with a session and negative feelings spread. A drop can occur suddenly during or after the session, but sometimes after a few days or weeks. 

Why does a drop happen?

The state usually occurs suddenly when a session has to be terminated because it got out of hand. However, a drop can also happen, for example, if not enough aftercare is provided. If the physical hormone levels drop too rapidly after a session, it affects the emotions accordingly.

“The reasons for a drop can be diverse. For example, because one of the participants overestimated themselves, the previous agreement was not careful enough, boundaries were not respected, or the play within the boundaries does not meet expectations. Usually, it affects the submissive part. But Tops can also be affected, for example, if they are plagued by shame or guilt for having crossed societal taboos.”

What to consider

The unaffected party must take care of the other intensively and lovingly. Talking openly and without reproach about what happened can be a good approach. But only if the person who dropped wishes to do so. The same applies to physical affection. The most important thing for the stable party is to meet the needs of the other and provide as much security as possible.

How can I prevent a drop?

The first rule is very clear: by respecting the boundaries of your playing partner or partners, observing physical and psychological conditions and reacting accordingly.

Carrying out aftercare is also extremely important to prevent a drop, even if the session has not been terminated. Physical affection, positive conversations and feel-good activities such as walks, a bath or a sharing snacks are just a few of the possibilities. You can find out more about aftercare here. If a drop does occur, here are six possible approaches to dealing with this situation.

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