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What does pet play mean?

Pet play refers to erotic role plays in which the usually submissive part takes on the role of an animal. Animal or zoomimic also describe this type of BDSM. Popular animals in pet play include cats, dogs and ponies, but there are no limits to your imagination. Pet play does not include sexual intercourse with real animals, which is known as bestiality or zoophilia.

What’s so fascinating about pet play?

In addition to the power differential between the owner and the pet or farm animal, a large part of the appeal of pet play is the ability to completely get rid of everyday behavioral patterns and responsibilities in the role, to shed the human element and to playfully live out other behaviors. From a psychological perspective, communicating without language and having to adopt new thought patterns plays a major role in being able to escape from everyday life. The Owners, Masters or Mistresses, called Handlers in BDSM jargon, can live out their dominance through training and education and have to bear responsibility for their “Pet” in a different context than usual.

Many pet players describe that they choose an animal for the game that is particularly close to their own character, such as the independence and cuddliness of a cat, the loyalty and docility of a dog, the obedience and intelligence of a horse, and so on.

What to consider regarding pet play

The absolute surrender of control and the known communication patterns requires a lot of care and attention from the dominant person. It is precisely because of the deep immersion into the role that some pet players also describe correspondingly deep drops. There should always be a place to retreat to suit the role of the pet, such as a dog basket. Mentally getting out of this role often takes longer than with other games.

As with most practices, pet play comes in very extreme forms. In this context, the word “pig play” should be mentioned, which also involves fattening and slaughter scenarios. These scenarios are viewed very critically even in the scene.

What equipment do you need?

Apart from a lot of imagination, you don’t necessarily need any equipment other than a suitable retreat for the pet. However, common equipment includes masks, ears and plugs with a tail. Anything that allows the Pet to feel even more like the animal it is embodying. Collars, leashes, food bowls, bridles, paw gloves and the like complete the game.

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