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It’s not the clothes that dominate, but the people. But staging a session and really dressing up for it allows you to escape from everyday life, says Femdom and Deviance author Lynn.

This text entitled “About Staging and Presentation” first appeared on the blog Zartbitternacht and was provided to Deviance by the operators Lynn and Zaxi.

Yes, I can dominate in a cozy sweater. In jeans and a T-shirt, I can use my language to make you want to kneel. It is possible for me to hold an impromptu session. But I confess: I love the production, the glamor, the play with all the senses. I like to shed my everyday self and awaken the queen within me. I like to visually present what I already am in his head, the show, something fairytale-like, something special. The smell of leather and paint, the flash, the transformation.

And because I love it so much and it makes me feel good and often much more confident in my role, here for you, ladies, is a little tour of my preparations, how they can go. It’s not always the same, just like no two sessions are the same. Variety makes it attractive.

Who is expecting him today? The diva? The classic dominatrix? Are you going to eat first? Your possibilities are endless.

Even the preparation is a pleasure

The location is booked, tasteful, stylish, exquisite. It’s easy to guess what outfit Sub is wearing. Handcuffs, ankle cuffs, collar. What more does he need? I usually let him prepare my “arsenal” of toys and tools for me, send him to shower and make other preparations. I’m already showering at home and using the preparation time to stage myself.

The clip-in extensions turn my fashionable long bob into a captivating mane. My little flaws disappear under make-up. The lipstick, which is too red for the job for me, makes its grand appearance. The magnetic eyelashes emphasize my look, together with the smokey eyes that I previously made up. My selection of kinky outfits is now quite impressive. That’s the hardest part: “What do I wear?”

Wear whatever you like to escape from everyday life

The red patent leather boots? The black over-the-knee boots? Heels? The dress or the jumpsuit? Corset or bra? Fishnet or nylon? Do I want to pamper myself? Then the bodysuit is not a good choice. But when I want to be aloof, he’s perfect.

When I look in the mirror afterwards, I no longer see anything of a stressed mother with household chores and a job, with freckles from gardening and the first wrinkles around her eyes. No, I see a diva. A lady who knows exactly what she wants. A woman for whom a man will kneel with joy.

I feel a power and energy within me that is usually there, but never so obvious. Then I’m ready. He hears the click of my heels and waits, kneeling, his forehead on the floor. He kisses my shoes. Then, when I allow him to look at me and the light in his eyes shows his adoration for me, I truly feel like a queen.

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