Why some people live their kinks 24/7

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24 hours a day and seven days a week…

BDSM enthusiasts who opt for 24/7 live a kink or power dynamic around the clock. In relationships, this means that the submissive party permanently submits to the other, even outside of the sexual realm. The dominant party consensually makes decisions for both or determines the sub’s or serf’s scope for decision-making. Usually, but not always, the submissive wears a collar or other clothing or jewelry that they are only allowed to remove with permission. The entire lifestyle is structured around the relationship, with no weekends or holidays from the power dynamic.

Why do people like 24/7?

Some people have the desire to extend their BDSM desires beyond the purely physical aspect. They feel the need to not only physically surrender to their partner but also to live their devotion on a psychological level – and this applies to both the submissive and the dominant role. A high degree of care and dedication is characteristic of most 24/7 relationships.

What you need to consider when living a power dynamic 24/7:

As with everything in the BDSM world, there are different degrees and forms when it comes to 24/7. Extreme forms of 24/7 such as Total Power Exchange (TPE), in which the submissive part is brought into real economic, physical or psychological dependence, are controversial. This is the case, for example, if the dominant party systematically manipulates the submissive so that the latter becomes vulnerable to blackmail in the event of a separation or this could mean financial ruin.

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