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What does “Bunny” or “Rope Bottom” mean?

In BDSM, a “Bunny” is the passive part in rope bondage or shibari, who allows him or herself to be tied up by another person consensually and in compliance with safety risks. The alternative term Rope Bottom indicates the status as a Bottom, i.e. a person who plays “bottom” within a BDSM activity.

Fans of bondage art and Shibari in particular are characterized by safety and patience in their bondage technique. In contrast to Rope Bottoms, Bunnies are not necessarily submissive people, but simply derive pleasure from the bondage and its aesthetics. In contrast to Rope Bottoms, Bunnies do not necessarily need a sexual context to play with ropes or enjoy the artful lacing. Many Bunnies describe being tied up as relaxing and meditative. Instead of the term Bunny, many prefer to be called “model”.

Which roles is the Rope Bottom related to?

Many submissive people find playing with restraints appealing, so you don’t necessarily have to find a Bunny or bondage model. Many Subs, Serfs, Bottoms or even Brats with an interest in this type of play are therefore suitable as submissive partners.

Who matches with a Bunny oder Rope Bottom?

Ideally a person who likes to tie, also known as a “Rigger” or “Rope Top”. Depending on the preference, however, any other Top or Dom who likes to fixate and tie up, such as Brat Tamers, may also be suitable.

How can I tell if I’m a Rope Bottom or a Bunny?

Can’t take your eyes off the ropes? Is bondage compulsory in porn streams? Do you find the Japanese art of knotting calming or even meditative? Being tied up or tied down lets you relax and switch off? Rope Bottom goes even further: does it kick you when your partner immobilizes you? Are you missing something without ropes or restraints? Then you’ll probably need a Rigger soon.

As a Bunny or Rope Buttom it is important that…

…you do not blindly rely on your dominant counterpart. As the person to be tied up, you should also have sufficient knowledge of the various techniques, body parts and safety risks. Shyness and restraint are out of place, because only through communication can your rigger assess how you are feeling and avoid damaging your skin and nerves. Fortunately, there is plenty of teaching material in the form of books, online courses and YouTube channels on the subject of shibari for beginners and advanced users alike.

Start by tying up on the floor, warm up before a session and always insist on safety scissors. Slowly increase the number of restraints with a new partner and don’t allow yourself to be completely immobilized the first time. Also clarify the general conditions with the person tying you up, such as limits, safeword and the scope of consensuality.

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