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Author: Ginger San
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What makes a sissy?

Sissy is less the name for a status, but rather a role that follows a certain kink, “sissification”. A sissy is a male-identified person who undergoes feminization because they find it humiliating.

As a sissy, the person styles themselves in an exaggeratedly feminine manner, for example in stockings, frilly panties, petticoats and stilettos or revealing clothing such as miniskirts. Plus wigs, make-up and fake breasts and an exaggerated behavior, often similar to that of a young girl. In the game she is often presented, treated like a maid or pressed into other stereotypical images of women. Sissies enjoy being laughed at and sexually humiliated, for example by being playfully forced into bisexual or homosexual acts and passive anal sex.

Some sissies impose this sissification and certain training on themselves, others enjoy being forced to dress and behave in these ways and being punished for inappropriate behavior.

For sissies, the appeal of this game lies in the ridicule and humiliation and not in the wearing of the clothing itself. A crucial difference to trans people and femmes.

Which roles are similar?

Since the sissy is usually a submissive role, it can also be assigned to the sub and bottom type. Many of them are also cuckolds to increase the humiliation.

Which roles fit this?

Since it is a very specific kink, it is primarily tops or doms with an interest in feminization, also known as feminizers, who are suitable for sissies.

How do I know if I’m a sissy?

If you clearly identify as male, but are upset by the thought of being humiliated by having your masculinity questioned and being treated like a stereotypical woman or young girl, then you are most likely a sissy. Important: Being a sissy isn’t about feeling like a woman, it’s about making fun of masculinity.

As a sissy it is important that…

…you choose very carefully with whom you live out this side of yourself. The sissy and feminizer game is above all a psychological one. Humiliation and humiliation, as exciting as they can be, can wear you down over time. Your playing partner should therefore pay attention to your mental state, respect your boundaries and always catch you well.

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