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What is wax play? 

Wax play is a BDSM practice in which hot candle wax is dripped or poured onto the naked skin of a submissive person. Depending on the quantity, individual drops are distributed or a large area of the body is covered with wax. The wax cools on the body part and becomes solid, creating a special look. 

Why do you play with wax?

As with many practices, enduring pain and the associated devotion and submissiveness often play a role in wax play.

Some enjoy playing with the temperature, which is not only appealing to Masochists. The pain can vary from mild to severe. Others find the moment of surprise when the hot wax silently hits the skin arousing. For others, the wax is a kind of marker that they receive from a Dom in this way.

In addition, the visual aspect is not neglected when playing with wax. Many wax play fans find not only the dripping of hot wax in the light of a candle, but also the sight of a body covered in wax particularly aesthetically pleasing.

Melt in my hands – what do I need to consider during wax play? 

There are a few things to bear in mind to make wax play safe. It starts with choosing the right candle: the higher the melting point of the wax, the hotter and more painful it is. For this reason, household candles or even tea lights must never be used, as these can cause burns to the skin.

Many erotic and BDSM stores sell a wide range of candles specially designed for wax play. They have a lower melting point and are skin-friendly. The target area should first be prepared with lotion or similar so that the dried wax can be removed more easily later. This is particularly important for body hair. This can also be removed beforehand to avoid unpleasant combing. If you don’t want to ruin the best bed linen, it is also advisable to create a base that can get dirty without any worries.

When pouring or dripping, the higher the candle is held, the cooler the wax hits the skin. It is therefore best to start from a greater distance of around 50 centimetres and slowly get closer. However, you are less accurate from a great height and the wax can splatter when it hits the skin.

Drops on the face, mucous membranes, orifices and hair are taboo.Once the wax has dried, aftercare can begin with careful removal, which should definitely include treatment with an after-sun lotion. If you still haven’t had enough and want to offer Sub a special sensory experience, break up the wax with a percussion instrument, such as a flogger. Or the wax can be carefully removed with a knife: physically and psychologically exciting edge play.

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