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For International Women’s Day, the members of the Deviance team introduce themselves in this series and tell us what drives them. This time: Author Kitteh, a language-controlled writing offender who, according to her own statements, is good at word and role-playing games, but not so good at mincing her words.

Why do I write for Deviance? Because I wanted to brag about something without having to undress.

Okay, joking aside. I’ve been in the BDSM boat for many years. I started out as an inconspicuous stowaway in the scene find out for the first time how to be accepted and valued as an extroverted woman. Some people may know me from Instagram. Photos from the sensual and fetish sector paired with suburban ghetto fiction, as I so beautifully call it. A Kinkster who listens to German Hip Hop and does weight training? How is that possible? I don’t know, but I’ll just do it. And decide for yourself which drawer you can put the Kitteh in today.

Kitteh on board (please don’t rock too hard)

Self-determination starts in the head and doesn’t stop in the bedroom, regardless of whether Dom or Sub. And it doesn’t stop when someone tells me that what I like doesn’t belong. Or how often I like it. Or with what, who or how many I like it.

In my opinion, our biggest ballast is fear of stigmatization and taboos. And after this scene has done a lot for me, I would now like to make myself useful on board. Crushing a few of these taboos under my Pleaser heels like smoked cigarettes after sex. Together with Deviance my goal is to help newcomers not get seasick and to explore new horizons. Or to blow fresh wind into dusty sails (haha, she said blow).

A woman’s weapons

Anyone who follows my Stories will also quickly notice that my greatest weapon as a woman is not my astral body or the way I bat my eyelashes, but my humor. Before I get annoyed by other people’s narrow-mindedness, I’d rather offer them a little botox smile instead of worry lines when it comes to topics like whips, plug and penis cages. Deviance is probably the most useful outlet I’ve ever had for my need to communicate. Here I can prove that women can also combine sex with humor and BDSM is an adventure playground, not an antiquated club.

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