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What exactly is Locktober?

If you’re active in the BDSM community on social media, you’ve probably come across the hashtag #Locktober. But what exactly does it entail? Locktober is short for “Locked in October” and signifies spending this month locked in a chastity belt or, in other words, remaining chaste without sexual activity. While most people associate the month of October with cozy sweatshirts, colorful leaves, and pumpkin spiced lattes, within the BDSM scene, there’s the idea of looking forward to the month with a different kind of anticipation.

In plain terms, this means that during Locktober, one remains chaste for 31 calendar days. Some wear chastity belts for this purpose, while others are kept chaste mentally. There are people who during this time are simply not allowed to have orgasms. Others are not allowed any sexual stimulation whatsoever. Locktober has thus become a challenge within the kink community. Under the hashtag #Locktober, you can find some Subs documenting their time on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

Numerous sex workers are offering themselves as task setters this month or have keys for chastity cages and belts sent to them, which they then keep safe. The active part, also known as the Keyholder, determines how long and under what conditions the renunciation takes place. He or she sets the rules according to mutually agreed criteria. A related term is orgasm control.

“When dommes delight and cages feel tight.”


Where does Locktober come from?

It is not clear where exactly Locktober came from. Many attribute it to the blogging platform Tumblr. For example, there are posts on the topic from 2017 on the blog “Keep Him Locked: A Wife’s Guide to Male Chastity and Cock Cages“. However, there are also posts in the orgasmdenial.com forum from 2015. The fact is that challenges on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and similar networks became increasingly popular during this time. These involved doing without something for a period of time, doing something every day or something similar. The idea that this trend has also developed into something within the BDSM community is therefore not too far-fetched.

Locktober rules

There is no fixed set of rules for Locktober. Chastity is also very personal and depends on the relationship between the parties. While some have the requirement to wear some form of chastity belt for the 31 days, this is not necessarily a must. This is because these are often not designed to be worn permanently and can become quite uncomfortable in the long run, chafe the skin or, in extreme cases, even pinch something off. The right hygiene and balance is therefore important here.

Another option is to strictly abstain from orgasms during this period, essentially implementing a form of climax fasting. Yet others do not rule out orgasms, but they must then occur while wearing a chastity belt or be a ruined orgasm. This means that all participants set their own rules for this month. Especially since one can also keep oneself chaste as a solo player for a month, goals can be adjusted flexibly.

Some would also like to have tasks and rules imposed on them during the period that go beyond mere chastity. For example, anal training, tease and denial or other practices that do not involve sex. Others want to use the time when they are controlled by a keyholder and play more with discipline and D/s gradients. Chastity has a strong psychological element and can lead to an intense subspace where new depths can be explored in a relationship.

Why do people like it?

Why choose to remain chaste for a month? The set timeframe provides a clear framework for this game, making the long period somewhat more predictable and tangible. It’s comparable to the fasting period or any other special occurrence, thus subject to special circumstances. Of course, it’s also about the reward at the end: the orgasm! This monumental goal at the end of the phase fosters an intense exchange between Top and Bottom.

But the journey is also the goal! Because these 31 days are a battle with yourself and your own lust. As soon as the state of permanent arousal is overcome, a new depth sets in for many. The feeling of perseverance and willpower fills many with pride. Of course, the 31 days can also be organized differently if you have a keyholder who takes care of you with tease and denial, little nasties and gimmicks.

If you’re reading about Locktober for the first time today and couldn’t start on time, don’t worry: because after Locktober comes #NOvember. But you can easily attach NOvember to Locktober as well.

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