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What is chastity belt?

A chastity belt or “Florentine belt” is an object that prevents access to the genital area, thereby restricting the possibility of masturbation and penetration. As the name suggests, it serves the purpose of chastity. By wearing it, one is physically prevented from touching oneself. The construction of a chastity belt varies, but the most common ones consist of a steel belt around the waist, which has another strap through the crotch with appropriate shapes for the genitalia. There is a lock attached to it for securing it. A modern form is the penile cage, which is a lockable shell. This is pulled over the shaft and testicles. Nowadays, these so-called cages come in various materials and shapes.

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Even though it may be hard to imagine, chastity belts are considered sex toys today. In modern BDSM, this device is part of pleasurable erotic torture or a popular tool in variations centered around chastity. The wearing of the belt is controlled by a Dom or Keyholder. The submissive person derives pleasure from both wearing the belt and the control of their desires.

What is the origin of the chastity belt?

The history of the chastity belt is contentious. One theory suggests they were developed to ensure the chastity of women in the 15th century while their husbands were away on crusades. However, this theory is countered by the logic and the skills and materials available at that time. Wearers would have suffered various injuries and infections. Therefore, its function as a torture tool or for self-flagellation is more conceivable. The chastity belt theories of the Middle Ages are also considered a myth of the Baroque era, aimed at portraying the image of the “dark Middle Ages.” Other stories claim that the chastity belt was invented by the Doges of Venice to effectively collect overdue taxes from prostitutes. In the 19th century, the chastity belt made a comeback as “sexual protection armor”.

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What is a chastity belt used for?

The answer, as often is the case in BDSM, is right in the name. The chastity belt is a means of chastity enforcement. The physical barrier prevents access to the genital area, partially or completely covering it. Some chastity belts are designed for short-term wear, while others are intended for long-term use. The purpose of the belt is to restrict the possibility of masturbation. While mental chastity may be sufficient for many, the experience with a belt is even more intense. The fact that there is a physical barrier between oneself and the genital area, which is not easily bypassed, enhances the finality of surrendering control

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Some people wear a chastity belt to suppress their own libido and condition themselves to become sexless beings. It’s about the idea of being a better submissive or servant since the focus on the role is no longer disrupted by inappropriate arousal. Additionally, there are individuals with penises who have a preference for so-called “small dick humiliation” or even “dick shrinking.” They hope to reduce the size of their penis through this method.

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What types of chastity belts are there?

More than one could list here. Firstly, there are numerous different sizes based on preferences, shapes, body types, or desired materials. There are chastity belts modeled after historical designs, almost resembling underwear, but there are also penis cages that enclose the penis in a tiny cap. Some conceal the shape of the genitals and have a smooth outer plate, transforming the wearer into a BDSM version of Barbie’s Ken. Others prefer a silicone cage that follows the natural shape of the penis and only encloses it to the extent that an erection is prevented.

There are also combinations with anal plugs or chains. Some have different tips or other means to inflict pain on the wearer. Chastity enforcement with belts or cages is often associated with edge play and burning pastes. Thanks to modern digitization, there are now chastity belts that can be controlled via an app. These can emit vibration or electrical impulses and be locked or unlocked with a click. The most popular materials for chastity belts are metal, plastic, rubber, or silicone. However, there is continuous development in this field as well.

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What to consider when wearing a chastity belt?

As with many toys in BDSM, the key here is to take small steps. If you have limited experience with chastity, use a flexible model. It may also make sense to test the chastity belt beforehand, outside of any intimate play, to find the right model for you. This often varies depending on the duration of wear and what you have planned during that time.

For preparation, you should disinfect the chastity belt with toy cleaner. Even during a trial wear, ensure there are no edges that could cause chafing. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to use an intimate care product that helps prevent irritation and is gentle. We recommend using one from Deumavan. Also, be aware that during extended periods of chastity, you still need to regularly remove the chastity belt to clean both yourself and the belt.

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What to consider when buying one?

In online and adult stores, you’ll find chastity belts in various designs and price ranges. Determining your preferences for materials and shapes beforehand can be challenging. Therefore, it’s worth trying out several models and drawing conclusions from these experiences to find the right fit. Besides size, pay attention to the material of the chastity belt. It should be smooth and easy to clean, typically with minimal seams. However, the quest for the perfect chastity belt is practically never-ending. The design you choose is entirely up to your preferences. Take some time to explore and find your favorite!

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