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Edging – What’s that?

“Edging” refers to a certain type of orgasm control in which the submissive partner is repeatedly pushed to the limits of his or her arousal without achieving a relieving climax. The word edging describes a sexual technique and should not be confused with “edgeplay”, which refers to games that may be borderline in terms of safety aspects.

Edging with chastity or orgasm control is particularly popular in the constellation of a submissive man and a dominant woman.

What’s so fascinating about it?

Few other practices require as much attention as edging. Delaying the orgasm means that the stimulation is repeatedly stopped shortly before the climax. In BDSM or in relationships with power imbalances, edging is often used to control desire, orgasms and sexual arousal of subs. The submissive partner can be obliged to edge or the dominant partner can lend a hand themselves.

The control of the orgasm represents a very strong means of power for the dominant person, with which they are also able to push the boundaries of the submissive partner.

How does edging work?

This type of game requires a lot of communication, especially in the beginning, until the physical signs can be accurately interpreted. Once in, the edge time can be adjusted very reliably. The more often the method is used, the better the dominant part learns to adjust the edge of excitement, the edge time, and the submissive person learns to further delay his or her orgasms.

This makes the technique suitable for particularly long play sessions, as you can delay orgasm for hours, days or even weeks. After such a long time, more intense orgasms are achieved. A point that more than makes up for the agony of pleasure beforehand.

Edging play is often used to ruin orgasms. The stimulation occurs up to the so-called “point of no return” and is then interrupted. So the submissive person gets an orgasm, but the satisfaction that normally comes with it is not there and the excitement remains.

What you need to consider when edging:

The psychological component of edging is not to be despised. The desire is increased so intensely that rational thinking can stop. The sub is willing to exceed limits just to finally be able to cum. Here the dominant part should be very careful, for example to avoid a crash after orgasm.

Because when the bottom is finally granted a liberating orgasm, he or she often feels a deep gratitude and bond to the dominant partner. But if he or she has gone beyond his or her own limits, a violent drop can occur. A responsibility that the dominant person must always be aware of.

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