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What does primal mean?

In the BDSM context, we distinguish between Primal Predator and Primal Prey, meaning hunter and prey, respectively. A “Primal” without additional definition is someone who enjoys primal play but has not (yet) defined their role. Often, aspects such as altered movement patterns or animalistic sounds are part of the transformation into primal roles. Primal play has no specific rules and can be very unpredictable. However, participants in this instinctive play are fully aware of the idea of returning to primal forms of desire. Trust is a key element of this type of sexual experience.

What roles is a Primal related to?

Similar roles to Primals can be found in Brats and Brat Tamers, as well as some Pets. Individuals who enjoy controlling or restraining, such as Riggers or Rope Tops, also fit into this category. There is even a separate category for Rope Fights, and capturing with rope is a distinct play style. Anyone else who enjoys physical dominance or conquest can have parallels to Primals. Primals who do not commit to one side have significant similarities to Switches. Like Primals, Switches indicate a general status rather than a specific role or position.

How do I know if I’m a Primal?

Do you enjoy raw, animalistic sex? Do you love it when your partner makes “Primal Noises,” such as growling, snarling, or hissing? Do you enjoy activities like friendly wrestling or roughhousing, where the outcome is decided during play? Being primal involves embracing fights and animalistic tendencies. We generally cannot just take what we want, and it is also forbidden to physically fight for it. If you find it arousing to abandon rules and social constructs during play, to escape from the roles and responsibilities of everyday life, then you might find yourself in this primal role.

What to consider in primal play:

The play can be very impulsive. Bruises and scratches are likely to occur, but taking a few steps can help you avoid more serious injuries. This includes knee pads, protective clothing such as a jockstrap or ball cup, tying back long hair, or wearing bandages on sensitive joints. If possible, clothing of high material or emotional value should be avoided. Try to create an area free of large objects such as tables to avoid injury. Warm up both of you before a session. If necessary, you can even prepare the floor with mats.

Despite all primal instincts and lack of commitment, always pay attention to the framework of consensual agreement. Players should communicate their desires and limits before the event and then be sure to discuss what worked for them and what didn’t during the session. Both hunter and prey must agree to the potentially harsh nature of the primal game. Even if the initial play often involves grunting and growling instead of sexy conversation, a safe word or other signals should be agreed upon.

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