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Switchers have two faces

Switch is a gender-neutral term and describes a person who can be sometimes dominant or sometimes submissive depending on their partner, mood or situation. Some Switch with one partner, some have several partners with whom they each live out one of the sides. A change within a session is rather rare.

Which of these sides the Switch accepts and to what extent he wants to embody the various aspects of the role-playing game varies greatly from person to person and can also be influenced by the gender of the other person.

For example, a bisexual woman may feel more like a submissive role with men, but feel more dominant when playing with women, or vice versa. Whether the role is swapped with the partner often depends on whether the partner also switches or prefers a fixed role.

What roles is a Switch related to?

At first glance you might think with all of them. Because Switch, like Top or Bottom, shows the general status rather than a specific character trait or type of game. There are Switches that switch between psychologically emphasized roles such as Som and Sub and can sometimes become Cuckoldresses and Cuckold/Cuckquean. Or physical Switches who sometimes want to be a Sadist, sometimes a Masochist, sometimes a Spanker, sometimes a Spankee or in bondage sometimes want to be a Bunny or a Rigger.

However, it is rather unusual for Switchers to alternately take on roles whose power differential is typically maintained in everyday life, such as Serf or Master/Mistress.

Who matches a Switch?

Here comes the good news: Actually all the roles whose game types the Switch has always wanted to try out. Because the partners who look for Switchers don’t have to be Switchers themselves. Interested in temporary ageplay? There is sure to be a Daddy or Mommy with whom you can live out your childish side. Normally you’re a Sub, but you’re interested in shibari as an executive part? Perfect, with so many Bunnies out there.

How do I know if I’m Switch?

Have you only ever been dominant, but find yourself having daydreams where you see yourself in the submissive role? Or have you always played bottom and suddenly feel the desire to take the lead? Don’t worry, this is completely normal. You probably have a Switch in you.

As a Switch it is important that…

…you don’t let yourself be told that you have to choose a side. It is often said that there are no real switches and that they are expected to choose the dominant or submissive side. Switchers in particular, where one side predominates, are often not taken seriously or are assumed to have not yet found themselves.

In fact, many Switches are very experienced BDSM players who have already played on both sides and therefore know exactly what kind of game and role they want. In addition, they can often respond better to their respective partners because they know the feelings of both sides.

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