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Hotwife or Cuckoldress…

…is a term for a female-identified person who lives in a committed relationship with a usually male partner and, with his knowledge, has sexual relationships with other people. Often the hotwife or cuckoldress is sexually dominant over her partner, the cuckold or cuckquean, and her outward play serves to reinforce her dominance. Her partner has full knowledge of her activities and takes pleasure in them, as well as enjoying the feeling of humiliation that comes with them. Male-identified Doms with a cuck as a partner do not yet have a dedicated designation.

The hotwife decides whether her cucki is present during a meeting with the lover or is only allowed to listen, tells him/her about the activities before or after the meeting or not and generally determines the extent to which she wants cucki to participate in her sexuality to participate. In most cases, it also determines the partner’s sexual life, for example whether and when he/she is allowed to orgasm.

Although the hotwife or cuckoldress finds sexual and other emotional satisfaction with her lover (bull or cuckcake), the bond with the partner is usually much stronger than with the lover.

What roles is a cuckoldress related to?

Hotwifes and cuckoldresses are a subset of tops, doms or masters or mistresses. The degrading element also makes them similar to degraders. If the relationship also includes physical punishment, the role is related to sadist. Some hotwifes also like to keep their cuckolds chaste or as sissy and thus have additional characteristics of feminizers.

On the other hand, many hotwifes are switches who subordinate themselves to the bull as a bottom or sub.

Who is suitable for a hotwife?

A cuckold or a cuckquean, clearly. Maybe also a sub, a serf, a degradee or a sissy with an interest in cuckolding

But wait: A cuckolding relationship doesn’t work without at least one other person in the group, a bull. Bulls are sometimes also called “stallions”. This reference to the animal kingdom is intended to emphasize their potency even more. The female equivalent of the Bull is called Cuckcake.

How do I know if I’m a hotwife or cuckoldress?

You basically feel dominant, enjoy the conscious power imbalance within the partnership and the demonstration of your power over your partner. Your partner is not averse to cuckold play or has even expressed a desire to do so. Nevertheless, your partner is more important to you than your desire for sexual freedom.

The last point is particularly crucial. Because if you are only interested in the cuckold dynamic because you see it as an opportunity to sleep with as many people as possible or because the game appeals to you for reasons of revenge or something similar, stay away. On the outside, you may be the center of attention, but this dynamic is about a deep emotional connection that hotwife and cuck have with each other.

As a cuckoldress it is important that…

…you include your partner in your activities. Because cuckolding should not be confused with a free pass for cheating. It’s not just about having sex with others, but rather that these sexual contacts serve to humiliate the submissive partner, which in turn is a need for that person.

The cuckold or cuckquean is told the events and is allowed to watch, serve, prepare dates, clean genitals, be insulted or humiliated in other ways. Of course, it can also be the case that a hotwife meets other people outside and doesn’t tell her permanent partner anything about these activities if the cucki wants that. However, the cuck must never be excluded in a way that he or she does not want or is not part of the agreement.

Disregarding the cuck’s boundaries is just as taboo as secrecy. Complex relationships like the cuckold dynamic, which also take place outside the bedroom and in which degradation and humiliation play a central role, pose the risk of blurring the line between reality and play. It is therefore important that as a hotwife you discuss the boundaries with your partner down to the smallest detail, that you are sensitive to your cuck’s emotional state and that your relationship is characterized by deep trust.


The vocabulary surrounding “cuckold”, “hotwife” or “cuckoldress” and “bull” usually refers to a constellation of heterosexual dominant man (bull), heterosexual, female dom or switch and heterosexual, submissive man, as the latter includes cuckolding-preference most common and the vocabulary emerged.

While over time the term “cuckquean” has become established for female cuckolds and the term “cuckcake” for the female equivalent of a bull, there is still no term for male doms with a cuck partner. According to current knowledge, there are also no gender-neutral names for the three roles for non-binary people with an interest in cuckolding.

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