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Who or what is a “Degrader”?

As the name says it already, a Degrader is someone who likes to subjogate or humiliate. In the BDSM context, it refers to dominant people who are into humiliation and degradation. A Degrader therefore puts a submissive person in situations in which they feel humiliated. Erotic humiliation can take many forms and, like many other practices, is very subjective. Not only what is perceived as humiliating, but also the way in which it is carried out by the dominant person, known as the Top.

Basically, Degradation is playing with shame and embarrassment. Humiliation can be verbal or physical and is intended to create a feeling of discomfort in the submissive person. Degradation is a more extreme form that often takes place on a more physical level than humiliation. This is because humiliation is often about exposure, for example in a public setting and/or the demonstration of faults or lack of ability.

As a Degrader, you can complement many practices with this preference, such as chastity, Cuckold or Cuckquean and Hotwife scenarios, impact sessions, golden showers and almost all common types of play when considered as a means of humiliation or degradation. Due to the wide range of this preference and applications, Degraders can also cover many other areas and intertwine them with these practices. Degradation works particularly well in combination with role-playing games that already have a set power differential, as well as with certain forms of pet play.

Which roles is a Degrader related to?

Degrading a Brat can be particularly appealing, so there is a similarity to the Brat Tamer. Degraders also tend to be very fond of Discipline, as humiliation is a special form of punishment. In general, however, any other Top or Dom who enjoys verbal play or exposure, for example in the form of exhibitonism, can also identify well with the role of Degrader. Hotwife and Bull are also right here. Riggers even have their own forms of shame play. This refers to forced exposure through ropes.

Who matches with a Degrader?

The submissive counterpart of the Degrader is the Degradee, i.e. a person who experiences sexual stimulation through humiliation and degradation. Even a Brat is a potentially good Bottom for this type of play. Serfs can enjoy play in the form of furniture or service personnel. A lot of subs have preferences that you can fulfill as a Degrader.

How do I know if I am a Degrader?

Does dirty talk make your heart beat faster? Do you love it when someone is ashamed? Sometimes you just want to make your Bottom’s face flush with shame? If it excites you to say goodbye to rules and social constructs during play and to be able to humiliate someone, you could find yourself in this role.

What to look out for as a Degrader:

Degradation and humiliation are playing wiht shame, often involving personal exposure and belittlement. To make sure that your Degradee does not really feel attacked or hurt, you should have a detailed conversation to define the boundaries and limits in order to reach a mutual consent.

Talk about topics such as:

  • Language, swear words, designations
  • External means such as food, body fluids, writing on the body

  • Whether it should be public or private
  • A safe word and a slow word for “less”

  • How the current mood affects things

Deal with the topic of humiliation, detached from what is said in porn. Find your own language. Very few people tend to find really offensive insults erotic.

Aftercare is essential after a humiliation session. Make each other aware that you value each other. Emphasize that things happen during a session and do not affect your everyday life. It’s a good idea to write compliment slips or tell each other positive things from the session. This way you can restore a sense of pride. Praising your Sub afterwards, showing appreciation and highlighting certain things from the session is also a good approach for aftercare.

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