Bull and Cuckcake: The third wheel?

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What does that mean?

A bull or cuckcake is the third person in a cuckolding dynamic who performs sexual acts with the dominant person with the knowledge of the submissive, the cuckold or cuckquean.

Derived from the animal kingdom, the male term “bull”, sometimes also called “stallion”, underlines the potency of the lover in heterosexual relationships. Both Bull and Cuckcake are generally considered superior to the Cuck.

What this superiority consists of can vary, but usually refers to the attractiveness or ability to sexually satisfy the dom or hotwife. In order to further humiliate the cuck, the bull or cuckcake usually enjoys sexual privileges from the dom or hotwife and behaves towards him or her in a similarly dominant manner as the sex partner.

What roles are related to Bulls and Cuckcakes?

Although bulls and cuckcakes often behave dominantly towards one or both parties to the relationship they enter into, in most cases they are not classic doms or tops. Whether and which roles a person who acts as a bull or cuckcake takes on is therefore highly individual and has less to do with character traits than with sexual interests.

Who fits in?

Bull and cuckcake are such special types within BDSM that only hotwife/cuckold or doms with a cuckold preference can actually be considered as sexual partners. Nevertheless, it can also make sense for bulls and cuckcakes to look for cuckolds and cuckqueans who are looking for suitable candidates for their partner.

How do I know if I’m a Bull or a Cuckcake?

If the idea of acting as a sexual actor in a three-way relationship appeals to you, you might be suitable as a bull or cuckcake. In addition, Bulls and Cuckcakes are often driven by the idea of gaining recognition for their appearance or physical features and thereby feeling superior.

As a bull or cuckcake, it is important that…

…the relationship you are entering into is stable and all limits within it have been clarified. It is equally important that you know this relationship and its boundaries, respect them, set your own rules with the couple for the threesome constellation and that you are involved amicably.

In this sense, you are an extra or a means to an end in a cuckolding dynamic that primarily takes place between the couple, but you also bear responsibility for the success of this three-way constellation. This primarily concerns respect for the submissive part, who, although he or she derives fulfillment from his/her Dom’s activities with you, can still be easily hurt if the line between reality and play becomes too blurred.


The vocabulary surrounding “cuckold”, “hotwife” or “cuckoldress” and “bull” usually refers to a constellation of heterosexual dominant man (bull), heterosexual, female dom or switch and heterosexual, submissive man, as the latter includes cuckolding-preference is the most common.

While over time the term “cuckquean” has become established for female cuckolds and the term “cuckcake” for the female equivalent of a bull, there is still no term for male doms with a cuck partner. According to current knowledge, there are also no gender-neutral names for the three roles for non-binary people with an interest in cuckolding.

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