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What does Degradee mean?

As the name says it already, it has to do with being subjugated or humiliated. In the BDSM context, it refers to submissive people, Bottoms, who enjoy humiliation and degradation, usually in the context of erotic play. He or she therefore enjoys situations in which he or she feels humiliated. This can take place verbally or physically and is brought about by mutual agreement by a dominant counterpart.

Erotic humiliation can take many forms and, like so many practices, is very subjective. Both in the chosen type and execution, as well as how the bottom experiences it. Degradation is playing with shame and embarrassment. Humiliation is a more extreme form that is intended to make the Degradee feel uncomfortable and often relates more to the psyche. This involves exposure, often in a public setting and/or the demonstration of mistakes or lack of ability.

The humiliation or degradation component can be found or interpreted as a Degradee in many types of plays. It works particularly well in role-playing games that already have a set power imbalance. However, it can also be found in chastity, Cuckold or Cuckquean and Hotwife scenarios, impact sessions and almost all common types of BDSM play.

What roles is this related to?

As a Brat, degradation can have a special appeal, as it is almost inciting. For Serfs, the role-playing aspects are often interesting, for example in the form of objectification as human furniture. As a Bottom with a preference for small dick humiliation and also as a Cuckold, this role is often popular. Some Pets generally perceive their role as a form of degradation. Some Bottoms also like to be exposed with the help of ropes. Many Exhibitionists also enjoy being a Degradee.

Due to the wide range and the many possibilities for intertwining with many practices, many Bottoms can generally feel comfortable in this role.

Who matches with a Degradee?

The direct counterpart to the Degradee is a Degrader. They are often very fond of discipline, as humiliation can be a special form of punishment. Brat Tamers are also often represented here. Due to the large field, a lot of tops can feel comfortable in this role.

How can I tell if I’m a Degradee?

Does dirty talk make your heart beat faster? Does it excite you when you feel ashamed or embarrassed or do you get a tingling sensation when someone insults you? Do you want to hear what you look like right now, what’s happening to you and why exactly you’re enjoying it? Do you like to squirm in your discomfort? If it excites you to let go of rules and social constructs and be humiliated during play, then you might find yourself in this role. Even if you are into public play, perhaps even with exhibitionist tendencies, degradation could be a good type of play for you.

What to consider as a Degradee

Degradation and humiliation are a game of shame, often involving personal exposure or belittlement. To make sure that your degrader is not really attacking or hurting you, it is important to define your boundaries and limits in a detailed discussion beforehand in order to reach a mutual consent.

Talk about topics such as:

  • Language, swear words, designations
  • External means such as food, bodily fluids, writing on the body

  • Whether it should be public or private
  • A safe word and a slow word for “less”

  • How the current mood affects things

Deal with the topic of degradation, detached from what is said in porn. Find your own language. Very few people tend to find really offensive insults erotic. For you, too, there are certainly levels on which you want to be humiliated, while other levels are taboo.

Aftercare is essential after a humiliation session, otherwise you as a degradee could be threatened with a subdrop. Appreciation and reassurance that the things said in the session have nothing to do with everyday life are particularly important here. It is also a good idea to tell each other positive things from the session to turn the feeling of humiliation into pride.

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