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What defines an Exhibitionist?

Exhibitionist individuals are people who derive pleasure from being watched and presenting themselves. An exhibitionist is not so much a BDSM role in the sense of indicating a status like top or bottom, but more of a preference or fetish. When we at Deviance talk about exhibitionism, we, as usual, assume the consent of all parties involved. Without this, exhibitionism is considered a criminal offense.

Where does the term come from?

The term Exhibitionism is based on the Latin term “exhibēre”, which literally means “to present” or “to demonstrate”. The term exhibition appeared for the first time in the 17th century; it was used as a synonym for “performance, exhibition”. To this day, the English word “exhibition” means exactly that; in German-speaking countries it has been used to describe the “display of genitals” since the 20th century.

Which roles go along with an Exhibitionist?

The classic counterpart to Exhibitionists are voyeurs, i.e. people who are excited by watching other people undress or engage in sexual acts. They love playing with visual stimuli and enjoy the role of spectator.

Exhibitionsm can be practiced on both the dominant and submissive sides. The Dom, Top or Master or Mistress can ask an Exhibitionist Sub or Bottom to masturbate as part of a session. At suitable events you can let others observe you in the act, demonstrate the submissive person, put it on display or play it publicly.

On the dominant side, for example, the role of a Hotwife or Cuckoldress and Bull or Cuckcake are quite similar, who then let a Cuckold or Cuckquean watch them during sex. In general, exhibitionism is a great game for groups.

How do I know if I’m an Exhibitionist?

Does the presentation of your body and/or your sexuality excite you? Do you love it when people watch you and your partner undressing, masturbating or playing? Do you enjoy getting ready and putting yourself in the spotlight? Then you are most likely an Exhibitionist.

As an Exhibitionist it is important that…

…you don’t cross the boundaries of legality. Without consent to show your naked body, exhibitionism is considered a crime in almost every country.

In medicine, there is also the diagnosis of exhibitionism. However, in this case it means a compulsive disorder that can be treated. The pathological exhibitionist aims to shock or evoke disgust with their actions. This refers to Exhibitionists who present their genitals or their entire body with an aggressive attitude. Additionally, masturbation occurs during or after the act. These perpetrators are typically reported by the victims.

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