Spankee – whipping boy or girl by passion

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Who or what is a spankee?

A “spankee” or correctly spankophile is a person who enjoys being beaten for erotic reasons. This can be done using a flogger, hand, crop or cane, for example. In a BDSM context, this is done consensually, after clear discussions about limits and risks. Boundaries must always be observed. The dominant person during a spanking session is a spanker. A session in which spanking is used is also called impact play.

What roles is the spankee related to?

Spankees can be found within the realm of Subs or Bottoms. Some Rope Bunnies enjoy being spanked while in bondage restraint. Many Brats love being disciplined through spanking. Essentially, in any type of play, there’s the opportunity to incorporate spanking if it aligns with the preferences of the parties involved.

Who matches a Spankee?

The perfect counterpart is almost self-explanatory: the Spanker. As already mentioned, however, many submissive or submissive roles find pleasure in spanking elements, so any Dom or Top who enjoys light or firm spankings can be the perfect counterpart. Spanking is particularly often used by Brat Tamers, Masters and Mistresses, Sadists and Degraders. Spanking can be found in D/s constructs as well as in SM practices, either for pleasure or as punishment.

As a spankee, it is important that…

…you communicate your wishes and limits openly and do not conceal your current state of mind. Some days we are more sensitive to pain than others. Orthopaedic complaints can limit the choice of position for a spanking session. Spanking should not be practiced without a warm-up and gentle introduction to avoid injury and long-lasting marks. A cooling cream or ointment should be available for aftercare, alternatively other skin care products or cool packs can be used.

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