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What is a “Primal Predator”?

Like the name indicates, we are talking about animal-like behavior when it comes to “Primal Predator” in BDSM. A hunter who enjoys hunting, catching and conquering prey. The “prey” in this case is a Bottom. A Primal Predator does not want to rationally control its prey. Rather, it is about claims of ownership, overpowering itself and the obvious expression of superiority and power.

Instead of abiding by the rules of polite society, Primal Predators act on instinct. Biting, scratching, hair pulling and all manner of punching and kicking can be used by a Primal Predator to get what he or she desires. Aspects such as altered movements or animal sounds are often part of the transformation into the primal roles.

Sexual intercourse takes on the form of a mating ritual, in which the pursued spontaneously submits to the hunter and becomes a complete object of pleasure. For many, the primary focus is not on the sexual act itself, but rather on the aspects of hunting and ownership. However, even without intercourse, the setting has its appeal. The original game has no specific rules and can be very unpredictable. The prey will continue to fight until they are defeated and driven into submission. This type of game is the thrill for primal predators.

What roles is Primal Predator related to?

The greatest similarity to the Primal Predator can probably be found in the Brat Tamer. People who like to control or tie up, such as Riggers or Rope Tops, but also any other Top or Dom who enjoys physical superiority or conquest, can have parallels to the Primal Predator role. Riggers even have their own forms of rope fighting and rope capture.

Who matches they with?

The most suitable submissive partners are the counterpart, called Primal Preys, but also Brats. Some Pets can also act well as a Sub in this game. But there are also people who play the game without committing to a dominant or submissive status, so-called Primals.

How do I know if I am a Primal Predator?

Being primal involves fighting and animalistic tendencies. We are generally not allowed to simply take what we want, and it is also forbidden to physically fight for it. However, in playing with instincts, participants are fully aware of the idea of turning back to the primal forms of desire.

If it excites you to say goodbye to rules and social constructs during the game, to make animalistic sounds such as growling or even snarling and to be able to display physical strength, then you could find yourself in this original role. Perhaps you are simply tempted to escape from the rules and responsibilities of everyday life and simply give in to your urges for a while.

What to look out for as a Primal Predator

Bruises and scratches are likely to occur, but there are a few things you can do to avoid more serious injuries. These include knee pads, protective clothing such as a jockstrap or ball cup, tying back long hair or wearing bandages on sensitive joints. If possible, clothing of high material or emotional value should be avoided.

Try to create an area free of large objects such as tables so that you don’t injure yourselves. Warm up both of you before a session. If necessary, you can even prepare the floor with mats.

This type of play can be very impulsive. Trust is a key element of this type of sexual experience. Despite all primal instincts and impulses, always pay attention to the framework of consensuality. Players should communicate their desires and limits before the action and be sure to discuss afterwards what did and did not work for them during the session. Both hunter and prey must agree to the potentially rough nature of the original game. Even if the original game often involves grunting and growling instead of sexy talk, a safeword or other signals should be agreed upon.

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