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What is a blindfold?

As the name suggests: anything you use to blindfold your eyes. A piece of fabric, a piece of clothing, a scarf, a sleep mask – all of these can be used as a blindfold. There are also blindfolds specially designed for use during sex or BDSM, for example made of leather.

Why do you use a blindfold?

A blindfold logically blindfolds the eyes. This deprives a person of one of their senses, so that as soon as they can no longer see, they automatically concentrate more on their other senses. Sounds and touch are often more intense when blindfolded. Especially as the person is no longer able to see exactly where he or she is being touched. If you stroke a temporarily “blind” person, he or she can concentrate particularly on the touch, the intensity and the feeling on the skin.

In sadomasochistic practices, the blindfold creates a further stimulus: the effect on the body is unexpected. It can be particularly exciting if you can’t see which toy the dom:me is holding, when he or she is pulling out or where he or she is aiming. Many bottoms experience a special arousal and a feeling of being at the mercy of their partner. A blindfold can therefore also support the power imbalance in BDSM.

Dom can even use the blindfold as a form of humiliation, because a sub who can’t see is particularly helpless. For example, he or she may be ordered to crawl around on the floor looking for something, which can be very humiliating. The fact that the sub is not allowed to see Dom can also emphasize his or her dominance.

What should you pay attention to when using it?

Blindfolding someone requires trust. Although we assume that there is a basic sense of trust and responsibility in BDSM, you should not underestimate the effect of an apparently harmless blindfold. Especially if the hands are also fixed in such a way that the blindfold cannot be removed independently. It is best to address the issue. Unfortunately, this takes away a little of the surprise effect right before a session. But conversations about boundaries and preferences can also take place a while in advance.

Classic blindfolds that are available for little money.

Some people react very sensitively, even with panic, to the loss of their sense of sight. So be particularly attentive and pay attention to how the other person reacts. If you use something as a blindfold that cannot be removed quickly, such as bondage tape or ropes, have a pair of scissors ready in case of emergency.

Otherwise, make sure that the blindfold fits tightly enough and is really opaque. A simple sleep mask is certainly quickly available and put on, but slips quite easily. If Sub moves around a lot, a blindfold with a tight fit is better. Of course, ropes or bondage tape should also not cut extremely tightly.

Otherwise, there isn’t much to consider when blindfolding. It’s a nice and affordable introduction for BDSM-interested</ a>. Advanced users combine the blindfold with earplugs or headphones to increase the sensory deprivation. Also in combination with Gags</ strong> and/or fixations< /strong> the blindfold can be exciting.

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