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Content/trigger warning: coprophilia

What is a diaper fetish?

A diaper fetish refers to the fetish of wearing or having someone else wear diapers without a medical necessity. It is an object or clothing fetish that is typically associated with autonepiophilia, also known as “adult baby syndrome.” This refers to an adult who enjoys behaving like a baby. However, this is not always the case, as there are also diaper fetishists who enjoy this preference without engaging in role-playing. People with this fetish refer to themselves as Diaper Lovers or ABDL, which stands for “Adult Baby, Diaper Lover.”

Important: People with this preference are not interested in children, but rather live out a form of their own infantilism, childish personality aspects.

How is a diaper fetish expressed?

For people with a diaper fetish, there are different aspects to why they enjoy wearing diapers. Some enjoy living out the childish parts of their personality and feel complete in their role as a Little by putting on and wearing a diaper. Shame can also be a factor here, which some enjoy or even find arousing. Others simply like the feel, smell and look of the diaper. Others need to urinate or defecate in their diaper. Still others want to masturbate in a diaper.

If small child behavior is part of the diaper fetish, in the BDSM context it is referred to as ageplay. In this role play, a person identifies themselves as belonging to a different, usually younger, age group and is treated by another person according to their new age. This young self, often between baby and childhood, is called Little.

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As with most practices, there is an active and a passive part here. However, active usually stands for the bottom and passive for the top, for example a mommy or a daddy, also known as a caretaker. be. A diaper fetish top enjoys seeing another person in diapers, putting them on and controlling the length of time they are worn.

Diaper fetish in BDSM

BDSM comes into play with this fetish when a power exchange is added. In a caretaker situation, the Top takes on the responsibility and cares for the Bottom with affection. In connection with age play and diaper fetish, this could look like “the baby” being changed by the Top, gradually stripped of their adulthood step by step. The use of baby powder, lotions, rubber sheets can also be part of the fetish.

In addition, there is often the aspect of punishment, discipline and control, so that the bottom is forced to urinate and even defecate in the diaper, has to ask to be changed or to be allowed to go to the toilet. Staying in the diaper can be used as a punishment. Not to forget the feeling of humiliation and shame when they couldn’t hold back.

There are also more extreme practices in which diaper pants with stiffeners and bondage elements are pulled over the diaper and can be locked. This is comparable to a chastity belt. In such structures you can often no longer walk properly, but only crawl. Rubber or latex pants are often another preference that can be combined with a latex fetish.

What else do I need to know about the preference?

Diaper fetishes arise for very different reasons, which have not yet been fully clarified. They don’t always have anything to do with a penchant for pee or coprophilia. The diaper fetish certainly has nothing to do with pedophilia, but rather, as mentioned above, with the desire to live out childlike parts of one’s own personality.

Some people are not looking for a top person for this fetish, but rather like-minded people. They want someone with whom they can change each other’s diapers and then have time as Littles together. Sometimes it’s about satisfying each other in diapers.

It is important to approach this practice carefully. It can easily be explored alone, but if there are playing partners, then the limits should be defined together.

If you are looking for diapers in the right size, you will find a large selection of incontinence diapers or, from specialized mail order companies diapers with a child-like design. It is important to pay attention to the wearing time, as staying in full diapers for a long time can lead to sores, discoloration of the skin or even fungal infections. Sufficient measures for hygiene and care should also be taken.

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