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Content/trigger warning: coprophilia

For my article on diaper fetishism, I came across a lot of clichés and kinkshaming when it comes to this kink. From the assumption that diaper fetishists are almost exclusively men, that it always has to be something hypersexual, that diapers have to be worn outside and of course that diaper fetishists like pee and caviar, pretty much everything was there.

Das hat mich zum Nachdenken gebracht. Immerhin stelle ich immer wieder fest, dass unsere Szene voller Klischees ist und gerade Vorlieben wie dem Windelfetischismus auch hier immer wieder mit Unverständnis begegnet wird. Zum Glück habe ich Kat und Carry in meinem Bekanntenkreis. Beide sind Anfang 20, weiblich, Littles und haben einen Windelfetisch. Sie stehen auf Ageplay, eine Art Rollenspiel in der ein Part sich mit einem anderen, meist jüngerem Alter identifiziert und einen eigenen Charakter schafft. Beide identifizieren sich zwischen null und drei Jahren. Auf ihrem Instagram-Profil sieht man sie mit Stofftieren, Puzzlen und in Windeln. Daher habe ich sie zum Interview gebeten.

How long have you been wearing diapers and how did you get started?

Carry: For about two years. I tried a lot of things with my boyfriend at the time and that was one of them.

Kat: I’ve been wearing diapers for probably two years now. I’ve been attached to my little side for a long time, but diapers were a no-go for me at first. But when I tried it, I realized that it was actually a very nice feeling for me.

Can you describe the feeling that wearing diapers gives you?

Carry: I would say it’s a very protected and warm feeling. The diapers also help me feel small, which is closely related.

Kat: Wearing diapers feels like getting a really soft hug. You feel safe and just enjoy every second.

Kat likes to show herself wearing diapers on Instagram.
Source: private

Is wearing diapers also sexually stimulating for you?

Carry: It always depends on the situation. I mostly wear them overnight when everything should be cozy or when I’m out for a long time. I don’t rule out sexual activities with them; they just aren’t the focus.

Kat: Not always. Especially in the beginning it all started non-sexual for me. It’s a bit like a chastity belt. That tight feeling and that you can’t really do anything about it is sexually arousing on some days, yes!

Do you have a specific ritual for putting on diapers, such as powdering, applying cream or similar? If so, is this a fixed part of the wearing process for you?

Carry: No, I don’t have a ritual.

Kat: I don’t really have a set ritual. The only thing I always do is wash myself off afterwards. Especially if I wear them overnight. I don’t think hygiene should suffer as a result of a fetish.

The Little Space: escape from everyday life

You’ve often talked about yourselves as Little. Would you like to briefly explain what that is and what it means to you?

Carry: As Little, I take on the role of a child, the so-called “Little Space”. Like many others, I wear diapers, bodysuits and pacifiers, but that’s not necessarily part of it. For me, it’s mainly a distraction from everyday life. Others do sport, sing or draw, for me it’s being Little.

Kat: For me, being a Little means being cute and innocent. I’ve found my own happy medium. I can relax and just let go of all the stress and everyday life. Even if it’s just watching a cartoon with Paci, it just feels good to me!

(Note: “Paci” stands for “pacifier”)

Kat in her Little space.
Source: private

What exactly does your Little Space look like? How would you describe it?

Carry: When I’m in my little space, I become very clingy and just want to cuddle. I also have many stuffed animals, coloring books, and movies that I like to play with.

Kat: My Little Space is actually very quiet. I prefer to be little by myself because I can fully let go. I enjoy playing with things that “challenge my concentration”, like puzzles, games, or coloring. I laugh a lot more and notice it’s easier for me to be relaxed and happy. Of course, my daddy often helps with that too. He reads me a bedtime story every night, and I actually can’t fall asleep without it.

Wrapped up and wet?

What significance does the diaper fetish have for experiencing the Little Space?

Carry: The diapers are actually rarely part of it. I’m little almost every day, but I only wear diapers maybe once every 14 days.

Kat: Diapers are just a must for me. I don’t always wear them, sometimes I just don’t feel like wearing them. But in most cases I notice that something is missing. This soft and warm feeling just makes me happy.

What do you like to do most in diapers? Are there things you only do or find more fulfilling when you wear a diaper?

Carry: They’re not always part of it, but when I wear them, I’m immediately in Little Space. I prefer to cuddle up to someone and fall asleep.

Kat: It’s hard to say what I like doing most in diapers… but what I definitely don’t like is going out in them! For me it has become so intimate and important that I can only enjoy it in a safe environment.

Little Kat only wears diapers in private spaces..
Source: private

Who knows about your diaper preference and how did you communicate it to your partner? Do those around you know that you have a diaper fetish?

Carry: I don’t make a big secret out of it. My current partner is also a Little, so there were no issues talking to her about it. Most of my other friends are also part of this scene, so pretty much everyone knows.

Kat: Everyone knows about my fetish because I actually like talking about it and educating people. Of course not everyone understands or accepts this, but I think you have to be able to deal with it. I can’t be in a vanilla relationship, I was once and it broke my heart. Being Little is a part of me and I never want to hide it again!

Of course there are boundaries, such as strangers or my work. Of course I don’t want to harm anyone with this. I slowly introduced my partner to the topic. I also repeated over and over again that he has to tell me if he doesn’t want to. We’re both still making our way slowly so that no one feels uncomfortable and I think everything is going quite well so far.

This is what the diapers look like that both like to wear.
Source: private

You both have Instagram accounts where you show off as Little and show off your diaper fetish. Where did the inspiration come from and what do you want to show with your accounts?

Carry: Above all, I want to connect with others and just exchange experiences.

Kat: I’m generally a person who likes to show off and give out “good vibes”. This account in particular has helped me to be much more connected to my Little side. This open and positive feedback from followers and friends simply makes me much stronger!

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