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What does ballbusting or CBT mean?

“Ballbusting” or “Cock and Ball Torture”, (“CBT” in short) are types of games that involve torture of the penis and testicles. This means that the person being played with must have male genitalia in order to enjoy these painful practices.

Why do you do that?

Ballbusting is an extreme game that is all about pain. While most owners of penises and testicles shudder at the thought of getting something in their “balls,” fans of this torture find the pain arousing and the sight eroticizing. Some love the combination with a blowjob, others the pure torture.

But cock and ball torture can also be used for punishment or humiliation. Exactly when the sub finds the pain really unpleasant. But be careful: everyone feels differently. While some people love pain, others can handle mild pain, others can’t handle even the slightest pressure. No matter the intensity, ballbusting should never be carried out without prior consultation.

What do you do when ballbusting?

There are actually no limits to your imagination when it comes to ballbusting. From binding to light slaps to the use of torture devices such as testicle stretchers or pillory, everything is possible. Tunnel games with various substances are also often used. As always, consensual agreement and respecting personal boundaries apply.

We have listed some examples for you here:

  • Binding: Tying off the testicles with bands, special cuffs and rubber bands.
  • Clamps and clips: From clothespins to mousetraps, everyone can find the intensity they want.

  • Tunnel games: Whether mint oil, chilli juice, tiger balm or ginger root: the sensitive skin of the glans is ideal for tunnel games. Games with ginger essential oils are particularly popular. With a special spray, the glans and testicles can be rubbed extensively and the effect can be delayed.

  • Special tools such as testicle stretchers, testicle pillory, Wartenberg wheel, urethral dilators for so-called sounding or electrostimulation: the range of tools for CBT/ballbusting is endless.

  • Beatings: Whether light slaps with the hand or good blows with the crop: a man’s genitals can be excellently treated.

  • The literal ballbusting is the kicking of the testicles, also called trampling.
  • Hot and cold: Candle wax, ice cubes, heat ointment, cold water are excellent ways to expose the penis and testicles to uncomfortable temperatures. However, be careful of burns!

  • Weights: Games in which the testicles are weighted with weights are also popular. Depending on the type of attachment and weight, you can achieve different intensities.
  • Needle play and spraying: The scrotum is particularly suitable for needle play.

Who enjoys CBT?

As a Dom or Top, there should be at least a little bit of sadist in you if you want to torture your partner on the genitals. Of course, the intensity can be varied and does not necessarily have to be the hardest. Masochists in particular get their money’s worth with CBT. The whole thing can also be easily combined with chastity, for example cuckolding.

Caution is advised! What you need to consider when ballbusting:

They are the crown jewels, the best parts of a man: his genitals. As arousing and humiliating as ballbusting and CBT may be, remember that it involves an extremely sensitive area of the body. Therefore, you should also be aware of the risks and the duty of care towards the sub.

In the worst case, incorrect techniques or excessively brutal application can lead to infertility and painful injuries such as testicular torsion. Before new practices, find out how to carry them out and use them correctly. As a precautionary measure, have safety measures such as bandage scissors or a safety knife ready.

Pay particular attention to the color of the testicles. Regularly ask your playing partner how he is feeling. You can also do this as the dominant part without giving up your toughness or leadership. Slowly increases the intensity of the games little by little. Consider extreme forms such as kicking in the balls or trampling critically and carefully.

For fans of this fetish, it is important not to jump into it blindly, but to approach it slowly and carefully and acquire medical expertise. Whether with a partner or without. In addition to various Internet sources, visiting an experienced dominatrix is a good way to learn more about the techniques.

Disclaimer: Not all men have penises and testicles and not all who have penis and testicles are men.

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