Tunnel play: until the (bitter) end

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What is tunnel play?

Tunnel play is an umbrella term for BDSM activities that, once started, cannot be stopped. It usually involves the application or insertion of substances that trigger warming, numbing or cooling, for example, and lose their effect after a certain period of time. As with a tunnel, once you are inside, you can no longer escape but have to go all the way through. So you have to wait until the effect wears off. Symbolically a BDSM one-way street. If necessary, there are ways to speed up this process, but not to end it yourself.

What options are there for tunnel play?

Tunnel play usually involves making something hurt, burn, swell, tingle or become numb, cold or inaccessible. This usually involves using aids that have a direct effect on the skin and/or mucous membranes. It can therefore be broadly divided into internal and external application.

Particularly popular for internal use are, for example:

  • Figging with ginger or a ginger spray anally or vaginally.

  • Inserting ice cubes anally or vaginally.
  • Gagging with Tabasco, ginger, chili oil or similar.
  • Condoms filled or coated with irritating or numbing substances.

The following practices are often used for external applications:

  • Creaming the skin or genitals with burning ointments or oils such as chili, ginger juice, peppermint oil, or warming ointments like Tiger Balm, rheumatic ointment, ABC ointment, or Finalgon.

  • Applying anesthetic creams containing lidocaine, such as Emla ointment, to the skin or genitals.

  • Cooling the skin or genitals with ice.
  • Beating with stinging nettles.

As often is the case, there are countless possibilities and specific ideas here as well. Even allergens can be used, provided that the antidote is readily available in case of emergency. As usual, there are numerous other ideas available on the internet. But beware: Chemical burns on mucous membranes can quickly warrant medical attention. Especially when playing with ginger extract, we recommend products from Naturally Naughty, which, for example, have a spray in their range that contains essential ginger oils that can stimulate and, depending on the application, cause some burning sensation without damaging the skin.

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Other forms of tunnel play

Another distinct form is, for example, freezing or making keys, scissors, or clothing inaccessible. This form is particularly popular in self-bondage or chastity play. There are also lockboxes that can be controlled remotely by another person. These methods are also considered tunnel games because the bottom cannot free themselves from the situation. Intox play, playing under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication, is also a tunnel game, even though these practices are not recommended.

Why do people do tunnel play?

The thrill of tunnel games is the complete loss of control. The feeling cannot be ended and you have no control over it. It is precisely this helplessness and powerlessness that particularly appeals to fans of this type of game. Also watching the Sub as he or she squirms expresses the change in feelings. Observing arousal and pain can be very exciting for the dominant person.

What should you pay attention to when playing this type of game?

When playing your first tunnel game, you should start with as mild a form as possible. Since the state cannot be actively ended, there should be no time pressure under any circumstances. The person playing the game must be informed as much as possible about the game. This includes what the person expects, the intensity, what possible side effects there are and, above all, the fact that the game cannot be stopped independently.

For these reasons, tunnel play requires a high level of trust and body knowledge. The substances often have a physical effect on the body. Since these don’t just go away again, it’s still a mind game. It is therefore particularly important to be familiar with the effects of the substances used and to have tested them. This is the only way to gain a comprehensive understanding of your own limits. If you have negative feelings during the game, appropriate aftercare should also be provided.

It’s also important to have all helpful items ready to make the situation easier. For some tunnel games, the intensity can be reduced by using different oils or milk, or appropriate ointments. A blanket, some food, and drink can provide the person with a better sense of comfort. A movie or series can be a good distraction until the effects subside.

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